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Exam Date 14/03/2021
Exam Slot 1
Reporting Time
10:30 AM To 12:30 PM
10:00 AM
Exam Slot 2
Reporting Time
02:30 PM To 04:30 PM
02:00 PM
Exam Mode Offline


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About Bharat Bhagya Vidhata

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata Talent Hunt cum Scholarship Test is a campaign launched by Kautilya Academy - one of the best Institutes of India for Civil Services. It is directed towards helping the students with limited means but abundant ambition and willingness to strive hard for their dreams.

The test is open to the students from class 10th onwards.
The students will be offered up to 100% Scholarship worth Rs. 5 Crore along with many exciting prizes.
The test is conducted online and the students are provided with ample time and online resources such as mock tests to prepare for the test.
Based on the marks obtained by them and their overall performance the students are then awarded scholarships and awards accordingly.

This is the Second Edition of this test. Previously in 2019 many students were benefited with this scholarship test. We believe that deserving students should get guidance and resources they require irrespective of their circumstances, based purely on their aptitude and skill.


Online Test Series & Classes


For Offline Classroom

सफलता, विश्वास, नाम, मूल्य आदि कई ऐसे तत्व हैं जो रातोंरात प्राप्त नहीं किये जा सकते, यह विशुद्ध रूप से कठोर परिश्रम, अनुशासित प्रयास एवं हमारे नियमित कार्यों के परिणाम होते हैं। आज कौटिल्य एकेडमी सिविल सेवाओं की तैयारी में सफलता का पर्याय है। यह आज देश के प्रसिद्ध एवं सफल संस्थानों एवं प्रमुख ब्रांड में शामिल है। वर्तमान में कौटिल्य एकेडमी जिस भी शहर एवं स्थान पर है वहाँ की पहचान बनाते हुए यह उस शहर का लैंडमार्क भी है। ये सभी हमारी कठोर परिश्रम एवं अनुशासित प्रयासों का ही परिणाम है। हमें सफल छात्रों एवं अभ्यर्थियों की फेहरिस्‍त सभी प्रमुख शहरों एवं मध्यप्रदेश के सभी जिलों तक वरन् तहसीलों तक भी फैला है। Read More..


What is the Motive of the BBV Talent Hunt cum Scholarship Test?


Talent Hunt cum Scholarship

You will be awarded up to 100% scholarship and exciting prizes based on your performance to help you resume the best coaching for civil services and other competitive exams


A Chance for Bright Career

You shall receive a detailed assessment report of your performance highlighting your strengths and the areas that need improvement, that will help you decide better career option.


Detailed Assessment Report

One-on-one discussion with our Expert Mentors & Counselors who will help you plan out your preparation as per your strengths and your field of interest.


Subject-wise Scorecard

To help you evaluate your performance subject-wise analysis will be provided along with your All India Rank, this will help you identify the subjects in which you are strong or vice-versa.

Enrollment Method


For registration you can connect to us over call or you can directly register through the website.

Enrollment Done

For enrolling in the test you have to download the Kautilya Academy App from the Google Play Store and have to create an account there.

Admit Card

On the decided schedule you can attempt the test from your device with your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Analyze your strengths and key areas of improvement.
  2. Compare your Performance with others at Central India Level.
  3. Get a 100% Scholarship up to Rs. 5 Crore and many more exciting prizes.
  4. Clear all your doubts and get guidance regarding the competitive exams like UPSC, NEET, SSC, etc.

The registration is absolutely free and open to all the competitive exam aspirants from class 10th to post-graduation.

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata is for 10th, 12th, Graduate and Under Graduate students who want to prepare for any competitive exam.

Every correct answer gets +1 marks. There is no Negative Marking for incorrect answers. There is no penalty for unattempted questions.

Prizes like Laptop, Tablet, Mobile phone, Pendrive, Earphones, and Bags. Also, the students will be rewarded Scholarships up to 100% that will collectively worth Rs. 5 Crore.

The test has to be taken offline at the nearest center chosen by you. The test will be conducted on 14th March, 2021 in two shifts.

No, a student can avail only one scholarship or discount at a time. Lowest calculated fee after availing a scholarship/discount will be applicable.

Yes, all the eligible students, even Kautilya Academy's students, can appear for the scholarship test. But the scholarship availed can only be used for enrolling in fresh courses.

No, you cannot.

For any further queries you can call us on +91 6262988888

Yes, the test will be available in both English and Hindi language.