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Shridhant Joshi


Raised in the quiet town of Jagdalpur Mr. Shridhant Joshi has changed the education scene in central India from the moment he introduced Kautilya Academy in 2003. Being born and brought up in a small town Mr. Joshi has firsthand witnessed the struggles of growing up without the exposure and resources required to pave the path towards a bright future, but he is also the living example of the fact that if you have what it takes to achieve great things which are unwavering resolve, firm belief, and selfless dedication and commitment, there is absolutely nothing which could halt your success.

From a very young age, Mr. Joshi has been passionate about civil services and had a patriotic character. With the strong influence of his grandmother who inspired him to dream big and never underestimate his capabilities, he developed a competitive nature and participated in various quiz and oratory competitions and owing to his eloquent skills won the majority of them.

Over the course of the last 15 years, Mr. Shridhant Joshi established Kautilya academy in 2003, and ever since has led countless students to victory and has raised Kautilya Academy on the top of the ladder in the civil services training sector. However, with such extraordinary achievements, there are also various struggles which had to be won over. Sacrificing all personal time and missing all social and family events and at times working under nerve-breaking situations and pressure without any role model being some out of many. Nevertheless, of the circumstances, Mr. Joshi kept up with his cant fold attitude and along with the constant support of his family and friends overcame all the hurdles that came his way.

Apart from his biggest achievement which is the success of his students, his hard work and devotion to education have been recognized through many esteemed laurels awarded to him, the prestigious Captains of Industry Awards-2013 by Honorable C.M., Govt. of M.P. for excellence in education and the State Education Excellence Award is only a few among many others.

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