Top 5 newspapers to read for UPSC examination

Top 5 newspapers to read for UPSC examination

   Shridhant Joshi    26-12-2018

Top 5 newspapers to read for  UPSC examination 
Can’t decide which newspaper to read for covering all the current affairs for UPSC exams? we have just the right solution for you. 
While appearing for such highly competitive exams as UPSC, students often find themselves in the dilemma to choose between a plethora of options, every step along the way. May it be the right coaching institute or the perfect book publications, even the newspaper and magazines which provides them with daily updates of cardinal significance comes in a wide range of variety. 
We have compiled a list of the best 5 newspaper which delivers the information which is ideal for UPSC preparation. 

1.  The Hindu  
Founded in Chennai in 1878, The Hindu is one of the most prestigious and celebrated newspapers published in India.
The newspaper deals with relevant and to the point issues, written by some of the best ambassadors of the country. Furthermore, The Hindu has an excellent network in all the areas of importance, may it be political, social,  sports or business related. In addition to that, reading the Hindu’s exceptional editorial gives the students an additional edge and the right push towards scoring higher in their examinations, as it has been observed from the past few years that the questions for UPSC prelims could be traced back to The Hindu editorials. 

2.  The Indian Express 
With its headquarters based in Mumbai. The Indian Express is another prominent choice for UPSC aspirants. Covering all the important issues efficiently, The Indian Express is known to have very well structured and detailed news. It is suitable for readers with a limited time constraint as it comes with excellent headlines and bullet points. For students who prefer Hindi language, Indian Express limited also publishes Jansatta in Hindi which includes all the key points and benefits of its English counterpart
3.    Times of India 
Under the ownership of Times of India group, Times of India is the largest English language newspaper in the world in terms of sales. With the oldest legacy of printing newspaper in India through many decades, Times of India does not disappoint in delivering quality content. Moreover due to its wide circulation Times of India makes a good option for students living in far-off areas. Their professional team of experts is trained to extract all the intricate details of the given topic, hence providing the students with a meticulous understanding of the subjects matter. 
4.    Dainik Jagran 
With a global ranking of number 17 as the most widely read newspaper, Dainik Jagran is an exemplary choice for Hindi languages readers to attain all the facts and figures required to clear a UPSC examination, Its extensive coverage in the area of political and sports in laudable all the articles printed in this newspaper are reliable and accurate the Jagran supports a formal error-free writing styles which sufficiently captures its readers attention. 
5.    Dainik Bhaskar 
Owned by the largest print media company in India and, being the largest selling newspaper in the world, Dainik Bhaskar is the undisputed leader of India’s print media industry in terms of popularity and preference. Dainik Bhaskar its subscribers with a very reader-friendly layout and relatively easy to read a language. Dainik Bhaskar specializes in the regional and state relating news. They also conduct special interviews and segments relating to national and international happenings, making it a comfortable choice for UPSC students. 

There were some of the ideal names in printing media, which supports students in UPSC preparations, although, current affairs are an integral part of UPSC training. Kautilya Academy suggests you choose your sources wisely and wishes you the best of luck for your examination and future endeavors.

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