Samudra Shakti : India - Indonesian Joint Naval exercise :

Samudra Shakti : India - Indonesian Joint Naval exercise :

   Kautilya Academy    08-11-2019

Samudra Shakti : India - Indonesian Joint Naval exercise :

Samudra Shakti: India- Indonesian Joint Naval exercise:-

The Navies of India and Indonesia are holding bilateral naval exercise called ‘Samudra Shakti’ in Bay of Bengal on 6-7 November 2019. This year is the second edition of India, Indonesia Bilateral Naval Exercise. The inaugural edition of exercise was held at the port of Surabaya, Indonesia in November 2018.

About Ex- Samudra Shakti

Objective: To strengthen bilateral relations, expand maritime co-operation, enhance interoperability and exchange best practices between the Navies of India and Indonesia.

Participants: As part of exercise INS Kamorta, India’s anti-submarine warfare corvette, is jointly exercising with Indonesian warship KRI Usman Harun, a multi-role corvette. The joint exercise also include- weapon firing drills, manoeuvres, air defense exercises, surface warfare exercises, helicopter operations and boarding operations.

The harbor phase of exercise was conducted on 4-5 November at Visakhapatnam. It included professional interactions in form of Subject Matter Expert Exchanges (SMEE), simulator drills, cross deck visits, sports fixtures, social interactions and planning conferences.

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