Microsoft Launches K-12 Education Transformation Framework

Microsoft Launches K-12 Education Transformation Framework

   Kautilya Academy    22-11-2019

Microsoft Launches K-12 Education Transformation Framework

Microsoft launches K-12 Education Transformation Framework

Software giant Microsoft has launched its “K-12 Education Transformation Framework” to facilitate comprehensive digital transformation of schools in India. So far, this framework model has been adopted by education leaders in more than 50 countries to help plan their learning strategies.

About K-12 Education Transformation Framework
Objective: It is aimed at providing education leadership, government decision makers, teachers and most importantly learners, tools to achieve ambitious change many schools seek and to thoughtfully integrate technology in powerful and productive ways.

Four Pillars: It comprises four pillars — leadership and policy, modern teaching and learning, intelligent environments and technology blueprint.

Features: It provides holistic framework to facilitate a comprehensive digital transformation of schools. It is a flexible platform based on latest research and input from hundreds of academics, experts, and policymakers. To help school principals initiate their journey of digital transformation, this framework programme offer them series of workshops based on each of the four pillars.

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