Tejas successfully completed maiden flight after FOC

Tejas successfully completed maiden flight after FOC

   Kautilya Academy    18-03-2020

Tejas is part of the 45th Squadron 'Flying Daggers' of the Indian Air Force. It has recently completed its first test flight after Final Operational Clearance.

Tejas, the made in India Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), completed its maiden test on March 17, 2020. The Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) tweeted, "The first light combat aircraft in FOC standard (SP-21) took to the skies for a maiden flight.” DRDO also tweeted that this flight signifies teamwork between various stakeholders.

This first flight of LCA Tejas was held in Bangalore. The aircraft took to the skies by Air Commodore, A. Muthana, he is also the Chief Test Pilot of HAL. On this occasion, HAL Chairman R Madhavan said that this test flight showed that there was amazing coordination among various stakeholders of LCA, HAL, Air Force, Aeronautical Development Agency, CEMILAC, etc. HAL completed the test flight within a record 12 months of the issuance of the Drawing Applicability List (DAL).


Final Operational Clearance (FOC) aircraft will be equipped with advanced equipment. These include fuel filling facilities in the sky. It can carry missiles that can be fired with mach speed. The new radar system will be installed in LCA's newly developed LCA-Mark-1A. The LCA Tejas was accorded FOC by the military aviation certifying agencies in February 2019.

Arrested Landing of LCA

Every Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) need to clear the arrested landing test. There are two most important things for every aircraft to be inducted in the Navy. First, the lightweight of LCA and second arrested landing capacity. Navy aircraft have to land on a warship on many occasions. Since a warship can carry only a certain weight. Therefore, aircraft must be light in weight. Thus, combat aircraft have to land on a short runway of warship, this capacity is called arrested landing.


Earlier, Tejas had completed a major test to join the Navy on September 13, 2019. Tejas' Arrested Landing was conducted at the coastal test facility in Goa by officials of DRDO and Aeronautical Development Agency. Tejas became the first aircraft in the country to achieve this milestone. This fighter aircraft has been designed and developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Aeronautical Development Agency. Tejas is part of the 45th Squadron 'Flying Daggers' of the Indian Air Force.

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