India-US-Israel Summit: Collaboration in 5G Technology

India-US-Israel Summit: Collaboration in 5G Technology

   Kautilya Academy    08-09-2020

India, Israel and the Unites States recently held a summit virtually. During the summit, the countries decided to work together in 5G technology.


The trilateral summit was initiated by PM Modi during his visit to Israel in 2017. The outcomes of the summit were not disclosed due to security concerns.


Israel is the third-largest defence supplier to India. It accounts for 40% of defence exports of Israel. This includes Barack missiles, powerful Phalcon radar on Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). The drone fleet in India is completely based on Israeli technology and many directly bought from Israel. Apart from Israeli drones, the DRDO (Defence Research Development Organization) has also developed drones such as Bharat, RUSTOM. Bharat drones are indigenously developed surveillance drones that are already carrying out surveillance long Line of Actual Control. On the other hand, RUSTOM is drones that are being developed. RUSTOM is to replace Heron drones. Heron was developed by Israel.


India imports 10 billion USD worth defence equipment from the US.

India and the US have developed strong defence ties in recent years. Some of the recent developments are as follows

  • In 2018, India became the third country to receive clearance in purchasing license-free space and defence technology under Strategic Trade Authorisation.

  • 2+2 Dialogue: The dialogue is between the countries external affairs ministers and defence ministers. It aims at promoting synergy in security efforts.

  • Defence Technology Trade Initiative, also called the DTTI aims to simplify technology transfer between the countries and also exploring possibilities in co-development with strategic values.

  • India and the United States signed COMCASA (Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement). The agreement allows India and US to share encrypted communication equipment.

  • US-designated India as STA-1. STA is Strategic Trade Authorization that allows the country to buy advanced cutting edge technology from the United States

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