Last Moment Tips for UPSC Pre Preparation

Last Moment Tips for UPSC Pre Preparation

   Kautilya Academy    18-09-2020

Last Moment Tips for UPSC Pre Preparation

The civil services examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission is the toughest and most challenging examination in India. Not only the hard work and perseverance are enough to qualify the examination but also you need the smart strategies of preparation throughout the journey.

Although, the success rate is quite low in UPSC CSE due to the participation of large number of participants against the limited number of seats yet if you have a zeal, passion and your preparation strategies are quite effective from the beginning till the last moment you can definitely secure your seat in administration through this examination. Never take it negative that the competition is high, instead have the belief that you just need a single seat from hundreds of seats available. Focus on your own performance and marks, not on the overall cutoff marks at competition level. Before giving you the last moment tips and strategies, let’s have a glance over the exam pattern of UPSC prelims 2020:


UPSC CSE Prelims 2020


Number of Questions



Paper-I General Studies



2 Hours

Paper-II (CSAT)

80 (2.5 marks each)


2 Hours






Last Moment Tips for UPSC Pre Preparation:

1.     Stick to syllabus

Keep yourself focused on the updated syllabus, each and every minute is very precious. Candidate must resist the temptation of studying irrelevant topics. The self-notes must be your all-time partner so as to avoid the reading of gigantic material of books. The exam is more of your personality and IQ test rather than bookish knowledge. Presence of mind-matter the most.


2.     Revise and revise

The most important tip is to revise and revise as much as you can. Sometimes candidate unable to remember those things in the examination which they knew well due to lack of revision.


3.     Don’t start a new topic

Avoid cliches of new and unknown facts. Trust your potentiality and knowledge and believe that whatever you have studied to date is the best you could have done. Do not pick up any fresh topic just before the examination, it will abate the chance to remember any previous topic.


4.     Mock test and previous year papers

Solve mock tests and previous year papers to get familiar with the trends and analysis of UPSC CSE. It will also build your confidence.


5.     Understand the question

Many candidates carry out silly mistakes in final examination due to misreading or misunderstanding of the question. First of reading the question properly and recognize it then read all four options before answering to avoid any silly mistake.


6.     Time management with accuracy

If you are unable to manage the time with accuracy all your hard work will go in vain. Practice more and more questions to boost your speed and accuracy. Don’t spend much time on complex questions.


7.     Keep your mind stress-free and calm

Stress converts your abilities into inabilities and weakens your potential. So, stay calm and stress-free before and during the examination. It will inbuild your self-confidence.


8.     Stay healthy with a fresh mind

A healthy body possesses a sound mind. Have a good diet and proper sleep to keep yourself healthy.


Here I am sharing with you the most crucial thing, while everyone is giving you the pressure of examination, pestering for success, you need to vitalize yourself with your own encouraging spirit.


Hope this article Last Moment Tips for UPSC Pre Preparation will be helpful in choosing the right strategy for UPSC 2020 examination and also in developing your confidence. 

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