India successfully test-fires new version of Shaurya Missile

India successfully test-fires new version of Shaurya Missile


India successfully test-fired a new version of nuclear-capable Shaurya missile on October 3, 2020, from the coast of Odisha. The missile can strike targets at around 800 km. This has been launched amid the ongoing tensions at India-China Border.


  • The new version of the missile would be inducted in the strategic forces in order to complement the existing missiles in the same class.
  • The missile would be lighter and easier to operate in comparison with the existing missile.
  • The missile moves at hypersonic speeds while reaching to the last phase.

The Shaurya Missile

It is a canister launched hypersonic surface-to-surface tactical missile. The missile had been developed by the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and the  Indian Armed Forces uses it. Range of the missile is 700 to 1,900 km and it can carry a conventional or nuclear warhead payload of 200kg to 1 ton. Shaurya is stored in a composite canister this it is easier to store, handle and transport.


  • Shaurya missiles can remain hidden underground from enemy surveillance or satellites till they are fired from storage-cum-launch canisters.
  • High-speed, two-stage Shaurya is less vulnerable to existing anti-missile defence systems.
  • It is a complex system having a high-performance navigation and guidance systems, efficient propulsion systems and canisters launch.
  • Easy deployment because of “single-vehicle solution.

This launch has enhanced the Prime Minister call and the efforts of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) who have been working towards achieving total self-reliance in the field of strategic missiles.  Apart from that, India also successfully test-fired the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile which can hit targets at over 400 km strike range.

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