India and France get re-elected in ISA

India and France get re-elected in ISA

   Kautilya Academy    15-10-2020

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has announced that India has been re-elected as President of the International Solar Alliance (ISA). Along with India,  France has also been re-elected as the Co-President of the alliance in the ISA’s Third Assembly. The tenure for both the countries would be of two years.


  • The Third Assembly of ISA was attended by 34 ISA Member Ministers, 53 member countries besides the 5 signatory and prospective member countries.
  • The Third Assembly further approved the initiatives of the ISA Secretariat to institutionalize the International Solar Alliance’s engagement with the public and private corporate sector. They will also collaborate for the Sustainable Climate Action (CSCA).
  • At the assembly, 10 public sector organizations from India presented cheques of USD 1 million.
  • The solar awards were distributed for the first time to the countries where institutions and regions are working for solar power.

New Vice-Presidents of ISA

At the assembly, four new Vice-Presidents were also selected to represent four regions:

  1. Representatives of Fiji and Nauru- chosen for the Asia Pacific Region.
  2. A representative of Niger and Mauritius – chosen for the Africa Region.
  3. A representative of The United Kingdom and the Netherlands- chosen for Europe and other regions.
  4. A representative of Cuba and Guyana- chosen for Latin America and the Caribbean Region.

The President of ISA Assembly

From the India side, RK Singh will represent the ISA. At the assembly address, he acknowledged that solar energy grown-up extensively in the last five years and is the fastest-growing energy source globally. He said that solar energy has been contributing 2.8% of the global electricity.

The Co-President of ISA Assembly

Barbara Pompili, The Minister for Ecological Transition of France, represented France at the assembly. She highlighted the essential role that ISA has played in order to help to redirect the funding towards renewable energy.  She further said France’s involvement in the solar project by pointing out that France has committed 1.5 billion euros of financing for solar projects in ISA member states until 2022.

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