Advanced Version of Pinaka Rocket test fired successfully.

Advanced Version of Pinaka Rocket test fired successfully.


The Defence Research Development Organization test-fired the advanced version of the Pinaka rocket successfully on November 5, 2020. The rocket was test-fired from Chandipur, Odisha.


The enhanced version of the Pinaka has been launched in order to achieve longer range as compared to the earlier version. The latest version would replace the current version of Pinaka Mk-1 system that has been deployed along the line of control and the line of actual control at India-Pakistan and India-China borders.

Pinaka Rocket

Pinaka is a multi-barrel rocket launcher system called the Shiva’s bow. It can fire 12 rockets in 44 seconds. Single battery of Pinaka system comprise of six launch vehicles. These rocket systems are accompanied by command post that are linked with network-based systems and radar. Single battery of Pinaka can neutralize an area of 1 km.

About the Test

In the recent test, total of six rockets were launched. These rockets  were manufactured by the Economic Explosives Limited, Nagpur. DRDO had transferred the technology to the manufacturer in order to manufacture the rockets. The test was being tracked by instruments like Electro-Optical Tracking System and radar.

How the latest rocket is different?

The Pinaka Mark-1, that the Indian Army currently use, has a range of 38 km. While, the tested version of the rocket, enhanced Pinaka Mark-1, has a firing range of 45 km. However, the Pinaka Mk-II has a range of 60 km and the Guided Pinaka system has a range of 75 km. Further, the Guided Pinaka also comprise of an integrated control, navigation and guidance system. It is guided by the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).


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