India-European Union Counter Terrorism Dialogue held

India-European Union Counter Terrorism Dialogue held

   Kautilya Academy    21-11-2020



On November 19, 2020, India and the European Union held Counter-Terrorism Dialogue. During the dialogue, the strategic partners condemned terrorism in all forms.


The dialogue also reviewed threats posed by UN-sanctioned terrorist entities. India and the European Union are to soon conclude the Free Trade Agreement. During the dialogue, European Union stressed to increase India’s investments in the field of Green Energy. This is because EU has set a targets of becoming carbon neutrality. Carbon Neutrality is achieving net zero carbon dioxide emission.

India-European Union

European Union is the largest trading partner of India. The EU accounts to 12.5% of overall trade between India and European Union.

Free Trade Negotiations

India and European Union were working on Free Trade negotiations since 2007. Around seven rounds of negotiations have been completed. The signing of the agreement is getting delayed mainly due to differences between the partners on greenhouse gas emissions, FDI and market access, civil nuclear energy, cooperation on tax evasion, trade controls, technology transfer restrictions, manufacture of genetic drugs.

ERIC under Indo-European Union Partnership

ERIC is Euro-India Research Centre that was established under FP-7 research programme of European Union. FP-7 is the largest funding programme of European Union.

Space Cooperation

In 2018, India and European Union signed pacts to share satellite data. Under the agreement, European Union will allow full access to its Copernicus satellite system.

About Copernicus space Programme of EU

It is an Earth Observation Programme of the European Union. Under the programme, European Union provides data and information free of cost.

European Union Contribution to LIGO

LIGO is Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory. The European Union is a huge contributor of the project. It has granted 14 million Euros in the beginning stages of the project.

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