Achieve Your Goal, By Your Own Notes

Achieve Your Goal, By Your Own Notes

   Kautilya Academy    23-11-2020

MPPSC examination is a challenging and one of the toughest exams of the state government. An increasing level of competition has infiltrated the students into a gritty race in which not only hard work is sufficient but smart study and perseverance also needed the most. Notes play an important role in the preparation either prepared from any coaching classes or by yourself. But self-prepared notes are the best option for complete understanding as you can understand much better the content written by you rather than anyone else.

Here are some tips and ideas for preparing self-notes for MPPSC exams

v  Examine complete syllabus thoroughly

Candidate must have to analyze the complete syllabus firstly to avoid the access of content available in the market and in your books. Smart study is the key to definite success. It not only saves time but also prevent you from misleading from path. You can learn the do’s and don’ts by grasping the syllabus.


v  Distillate multiple sources

Unlike your academics, MPPSC or other civil service exams don’t have any specific or limited syllabus and a perfect book for it. Every student has to go through several books and online study material while preparing any topic and then choose some authentic sources. Every source has different useful information which other book hasn’t. This is the best part of notes making that u can obtain essence of all the important sources which helps in avoiding extra and less useful matter and saves time which u need to spend in studying multiple books again and again. You can revise in a short span of time.


v  Simple and abstract information

Simpler the language is, easier to understand. Sometimes the books have complex language and additional information which we are unable to get. So, for better understanding write the simple and abstract information in your own words and absolute facts. True facts attract the reader and shows the quality and level of your knowledge. Unnecessary use of fodder material considered as a weapon for misleading the checker.

v  Emphasis on each topic discretely

Emphasis should be laid down on each topic discretely for deep and better understanding of the concepts and matter. Segregation of topics make it easy to understand and revise at the time of examination. You can revise the topic effectively which you want to revise without wasting the time in reading complete study material.

v  Modify up to the limits

Undoubtedly it is necessary to write the material in your own language in self-notes but superlative modification may forfeiture your marks. Sometimes it alters the real meaning and standard of study material which should not be happen.

v  Increase the effectiveness with examples

Including real life events and examples from society and the world makes your answer more effective and influential. If you add examples in your notes this will help you to remember for a long time and also in recalling later.

v  Use of Flow charts, Maps, Diagrams and Symbols

Practice makes us perfect. Continuously practice the mapping to increase the speed in examinations. Proper use of flowcharts, diagrams and mapping in GS papers makes your answer more attractive, understood and clearly defined. It also saves your time and lessen the probability of grammatical mistakes in your answers. For checker also it becomes easy to understand at a glance. Try to depict only those facts or information about which you are damn sure because in this condition mistakes also catch up easily.

v  Role of current affairs

Use of current affairs and events in your answers make it more effective and reliable to the current scenario. Yet the books are the best sources of study but they can not be updated daily so as to be updated with all the additions and removal of articles, reports, discoveries etc. we have to make our personal upgraded notes to get good marks in exams.

v  Keep your content up to date

As you all know that the syllabus as well as the content not always remains the same but is continuously updating. So, you need to update your notes as well, from time to time. It becomes easy to add or update the content if you are using loose paper sheets.

We hope you are able now to prepare notes by your own by applying the quintessential techniques and strategy.



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