Is MPPSC the right choice for you?

Is MPPSC the right choice for you?

   Kautilya Academy    02-12-2020


Do I or Don’t

Whenever an idea of MPPSC preparation stick in your mind, the very first question you want to ask yourself is Do I or Don’t, Can I or Can’t?

Each and every aspirant in every field face such kind of dilemma while choosing for a right career, you are not the only one. But how to overcome this situation is the major question here.


Don’t worry, We are here to give you some tips to cope up with this situation.

Ø   Analyze your qualities and skills

First of all, try to find your own skills and qualities in which you can perform better, analyse them and replenish them. The inner qualities you possess can make you succeed at a higher pace.

Ø   Follow your interest

Always try to follow your interest if it is relevant. The work of your interest makes you happy and energetic towards it. The efficiency and ideas will increase to a great extent if you develop an interest in it.

Ø   Identify the scope

A candidate must identify the scope before beginning the preparation for any career option. Some high scope career options increase the chances of selection on time and you can save your extra efforts to achieve your goal.

Ø   Listen to your eternal voice

Always listen your inner voice, you will definitely be succeeded. Sometimes, it happens that children choose a career in the pressure of parents and then they are unable to give their best in that field. In this situation they are left with no option, neither can quit nor can continue.

Ø Make your dream an ultimate goal

Success not only needs hard work but also the passion and dedication. Try to make your dream, an ultimate goal so as to assure the achievement. Just by studying hard, we cannot reach our destination, we have to live for it, crave for it.

Ø Crave for the target

Untill you crave, your hunger will not be stopped. Crave for the target and give efforts till the final achievement.

Ø Live your dream

Try to live your dream with joy to make the way easier and happier. Maximum stress d

Ø Nothing is impossible

Always remember that nothing is impossible and you deserve the best. The only thing you need is dedication and devotion towards the goal. You will definitely get the best results.

Ø The way you have chosen is the best

Trust your decision and choice, once you have started the journey. Never quit in between, you may lost the race.

Ø See the destination not the path

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” When you choose anything great, the path may be difficult, but you should enjoy the happiness of destination.



I hope after reading these tips, you will definitely get the confidence to choose a right career path which fits you. If you are an aspirant for MPPSC, you are on a great way to serve the nation with extraordinary powers and opportunities to shape the whole society and every sphere of the Nation. Being an administrative officer, one must have clear ideology, broad level of thinking and keen presence of mind. If you are the one who wants to dedicate your life for this biggest challenge. Dedicate yourself with perseverance and passion. Never think of failure once you started, otherwise you will lose the confidence.

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