Armed Forces Flag Day: December 7

Armed Forces Flag Day: December 7

   Kautilya Academy    07-12-2020

The Armed Forces Flag Day has been observed in India since 7th December 1949. The day is dedicated to the collection of funds from the people. The collected fund will be used for the welfare of the armed personnel, ex-servicemen and also to rehabilitate battle causalities. The Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has recently announced that this day will be celebrated throughout December and has called on people to contribute to the fund.

The month of December is to be celebrated as “Gaurav Maah”.


As India gained independence, a need arose for the Government of India to manage the welfare of the defence personnel. A committee was set up in 1949 under the then Defence Minister Baldev Singh. The committee recommended observing Flag Day annually on December 7. On Armed Forces Flag Day, small flags to the general population will be distributed in return to the donations made by the public.

What is the main purpose of Armed Forces Flag Day?

The Armed Forces Flag Day mainly focuses on the welfare of serving personnel and their families, rehabilitation of battle casualties and resettlement of ex-servicemen and their families.

Armed Forces Flag Day Fund

In 1949, the Baldev Singh Committee established the Flag Day Fund. In 1993, the Defence Ministry of India consolidated the related welfare funds into Armed Forces Flag Day Fund. They include Flag Day Funds, Amalgamated Special Fund for War Bereaved, Ex-Servicemen and war disabled, Indian Gorkha Ex-Servicemen Welfare Fund and Kendriya Sainik Board Fund.

Who collects the Funds?

The Kendriya Sainik Board operating under the Ministry of Defence collects the funds.

About Indian National Flag

The top saffron colour in the national flag indicates strength, white colour in the middle of the flag represents peace and truth and green colour represents growth, fertility and prosperity. The navy-blue chakra in the middle is the Ashok Chakra. It has 24 spokes representing 24 life principles.

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