National Centre for Divyang Empowerment

National Centre for Divyang Empowerment

   Kautilya Academy    15-12-2020

The National Centre for Divyang Empowerment (NCDE) was established by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to re-skill and rehabilitate Divyang warriors of the force suffering from a disability that occurred in line of duty. The Centre is located at the CRPF Group Centre Rangareddy, Telangana. It is equipped with world-class facilities as per the needs of the Diyangs.

Key Features

The National Centre for Divyang Empowerment is first of its kind. In order to empower the Divangs, several market driven expertise such as sports skills and computer skills will be imparted to Divyang Warriors. The initiative will enable them to serve the country despite of their disabilities. It will enable the skilling of these personnel for national and international para sports events. It also reskills them with vocational training and Information Technology course to enable them to contribute to the organisation and safeguard their pride and dignity.

Divyangs in India

According to Census 2011, around 2.68 crores of people are disabled. Of this, 69% of the disabled population reside in rural areas.

Legislations for Disabled in India

India legislated Right of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 to improve the life of the disabled population in the country. The act increased the quantum of reservation of people suffering from disabilities from 3% to 4% in government jobs. The child between the age of 6 and 18 will have the right to free education. The act set up separate national and state funds to create financial support to persons with disabilities.

Programmes for Divyangs in India

  • The DeenDayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme was launched to provide services to persons with disabilities. The services include vocational training centres, special schools, community-based rehabilitation centres, etc.

  • National Fellowship for Students with Disabilities: Under the scheme, 200 students with disabilities are provided with grants.

  • Accessible India Campaign was launched to achieve universal access to enable persons with disabilities to live independently. The campaign targets to enhance transport system, build environment that is feasible to the disabled population.

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