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   KAUTILYA ACADEMY    01-08-2019

FOOD WANTS- Hunger or Religion !

India is a country of several god and goddess and every element of daily life attached to life from over the last 5000 years. Even several foreign invasions unable to destroy our culture but from modern days we all hear that many times due to protectionism, superior-ism and to prove superior to above all trench in  diversity becomes wider just because of a difference in religion, presently one person from a particular religion canceled his order of food just because the food is carrying by another person of particular religion this is not a simple incident because in our country people of every religion and caste working in every field even in agriculture it does not mean that for this one section of society should stop eating food that's a disastrous hypocrisy of people having enough resources, because there is another side in whic  muslims give iftaar party to hindus and hindus invite them in bhandara and people of both religions enjoy all this hunger people from both side fulfill their need for food and another side is that there is a lobby of ultra protectionists they just want to politicization and show pseudo-religionism that is going to destroy, damage our culture . but instead of focusing on all these unwanted damages the crying need of hour is to provide food for people and strengthening the  diversity in culture need to take  measures like accept the humanism, and universalism that's our culture and fight with hunger, poverty, because more than 3,00,000 lakh children die in 2018 just because of hunger . hunger does not see the color of food whether green or saffron it only wants food. so need to take steps towards forward we 're in 21c. and dream of new and will be only possible with to fight with all social evil and strengthening of universalism

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