India is ready to send its skilled staff to work in Japan

India is ready to send its skilled staff to work in Japan

   Kautilya Academy    07-01-2021

The present Memorandum of Cooperation would set an institutional mechanism for partnership and cooperation between India and Japan on sending and accepting skilled Indian workers, who have qualified the required skill and Japanese language test, to work in 14 specified sectors in Japan, an official statement said.

What are the main features of MOU?

Under this agreement, India will send its skilled labourers to Japan, These Indian workers will be given a new status of residence of skilled labourers specified by the Japanese government The only condition is that the workers must be qualified in the required skilled test and one Japanese language test, according to this, the qualified Indian workers can work in 14 different sectors in Japan. 

Under this MoC, a Joint Working Group will be set up to follow up on its implementation.

MOU will also increase people-to-people contacts as well as promote the mobility of workers and skilled professionals from India to Japan.

The only condition establishing workers is an institutional framework between India and Japan to accept the agreement.

Which of the 14 sectors are included in the MOU?

These 14 sectors are as follows: Industrial machinery, building cleaning, nursing care, material processing industry, electric and electronic information related industry, industrial machinery manufacturing industry, shipbuilding and ship-related industry, aviation, automobile maintenance, lodging, aviation, fisheries, agriculture, food and beverages manufacturing industries, food service industry, construction.

What are the major projects of India and Japan?

In 2015, India agreed to introduce the Shinkansen system, the high-speed bullet train of Japan.

India and Japan had formed Act East Forum that aims to expand the collaboration between India in the North East and Japan.


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