What can be a Topics for MPPSC Interview

What can be a Topics for MPPSC Interview

   Kautilya Academy    23-11-2021

After cracking the MPPSC Pre & Mains the next phase comes in the form of an interview.

MPPSC Pre & Mains successful contestants have really less time and in this short time, you have to sharpen your personality. You have to present yourself completely in front of the interview board with your human strengths and weaknesses. Our advice is that instead of scratching your head in worry, thank the above and get involved in further preparations.


The people on the interview board are sitting to check how suitable you are for civil services. That's why what's inside you matters more to them. However, it is important to keep in mind that the external personality should also be dignified.


So, what to wear on the day of the interview, what kind of clothes will give a true glimpse of your personality, and deal with the necessary formalities like certificates, resumes. After this, you have to focus on the focal point of your interview.

First of all, take a copy of the information you have filled in filling the form of Preliminary Examination and Main Examination, select the possible topic of the interview in your diary or notebook.


Some possible topics are as follows-


1. Your Educational Background - It is important for you to have a level of knowledge of the subject from which you have studied graduation and above. At present, it is mandatory for you to know about the issues related to that topic which are in the news.


2. Your Family Background:- they can ask questions to your family background like what is your parents business & how old it is etc.. 


3. Your Home District - the special things there, the administration there, what changes will you bring if you are given the charge of deputy collector or deputy police captain there.


4. Your Home State- its history-geography-politics-art-culture and the news currently in discussion there which has been in discussion at the national level as well.

If you are working in some other state, then it is important to collect important information about that state and district as well. For example, detailed information is necessary on issues like Naxalism, development, problems of tribals of the students or the people working there.


5. You should have proper information on the issues like history, geography, present, future, art-culture-civilization-religion-literature-administration-politics of India.


6. International Relations - You should have a clear opinion especially about India's foreign relations. Collect proper information about the relations of countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Iran, North Korea, Maldives, China, Japan, America, Britain, Saudi Arabia right now,


7. You should have clear and reasoned answers to the priority of the services you have given. And your answers should not make it look like you are underestimating the service. You should have a satisfactory answer to your choice.


8. Budget:- This can be also very important from the perspective of the interview. Every year the budget comes and so questions are asked in pre & mains examination as well as in the interview.


9. You should have a balanced and logical opinion on contemporary issues like CAG, corruption, rape, crime against women, changing nature of mass movement. Avoid excessive. Always keep in mind that it is always preferable to follow the middle path of Buddha in thoughts. Stay firm on values ​​but maintain flexibility in thoughts. You will understand the usefulness of this by analyzing how your own thoughts change over time. Along with your views, respect the views of others (board members) and avoid dogma.


10. If you have participated in extracurricular activities, then keep complete information about it. Do not give hobbies to you in the form (HOBBY), take care of it. You can expect a lot of questions in the interview from the hobbyist. Therefore, you should have complete knowledge about the subjects you have given in your hobby. For example, if you have given up reading books as a hobby, then you should know about the good books you have read recently, about your favorite author and poet. You should also know about the organization of literary festivals and book fairs.


11. Many situational questions can be asked to you like-


    • If you are posted in any Naxal affected district, what steps will you take to deal with Naxalism?

      • You have got a posting in a district where there is a huge problem of drinking water, how will you deal with it?

      • There has been a warning of any natural calamity like earthquake or cyclone or flood in your district. What steps will you take?


Make your own list of questions that can be asked on all these main topics and prepare their answers. Prepare for mock interviews with your colleagues seriously. If needed, you can also take the help of pseudo-interview boards of coaching institutes. Read interviews of successful participants from magazines. They will give you an idea of ​​the variety of questions that can be asked in the interview. You can also take some level books for the interview.


It is preferable to answer in measured words in the interview. Answer as much as is asked. Looking towards all the members of the interview board, answer while maintaining eye contact.


Keep a natural smile on your face. Don't let worry or panic show on your face. Get swept away in the smooth flow of the interview quite effortlessly.


If you do not know the answer to the question, honestly tell the board that you do not know the answer to that question. And you will get information about that.


Many congratulations and best wishes.

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