Crucial Current Affairs Preparation Tips for MPPSC Exam Preparation

Crucial Current Affairs Preparation Tips for MPPSC Exam Preparation

   Kautilya Academy    17-08-2023

Current Affairs Preparation for MPPSC

Preparing current affairs is a crucial aspect of your MPPSC exam preparation, as it helps you stay updated with the latest events and developments in various fields. Here's a step-by-step guide on the best way to prepare current affairs for the MPPSC exam:


1. Consistent Reading

Make it a habit to read newspapers, both in print and online, on a daily basis. Newspapers like "The Hindu," "Indian Express" and Any Good Hindi Paper cover national, international, and regional news comprehensively. Focus on the political, economic, social, and environmental sections. Government Schemes, Policies, and Sports are the must-read.


2. Reliable News Sources

Stick to reputable and reliable news sources to ensure accurate and unbiased information. Read news from trustworthy sources that give correct information. Avoid sensationalist or unreliable sources that might provide misleading or incorrect information. It is a very important point do not skip it.


3. Current Affairs Magazines

Read monthly current affairs magazines like 'Kautilya Alok', and 'Pratiyogita Darpan,'. These magazines provide curated and summarized news updates, making it easier to cover a wide range of topics. Kautilya Alok comprises the best study material as per the MPPSC Exam Needs.


4. Online Portals and Apps

Use online platforms and mobile apps that provide daily or weekly current affairs updates. Kautilya Academy App provides daily current affairs & many other free class options. There are many other websites you can take help of. 


5. Make Notes

While reading, make concise and organized notes. Note down important points, events, dates, and names. Categorize your notes based on subjects like National, International, Economy, Science & Technology, Sports, Awards, and so on. Also, note down the factual points regarding important current affairs.


6. Monthly Compilations

At the end of each month, compile your notes into a monthly current affairs document. Summarize key events, important appointments, policy changes, and any other relevant information. Don't forget to read monthly magazines that cover the whole 30 days of news.


7. Revise Regularly

Regularly revisit your monthly current affairs compilations. Consistent revision will help you retain information and prevent cramming during the last-minute preparation phase. If the aspirants revise all the events studied in the week at the end then their chances of recalling in the exam time increase. That's why don't just keep reading the current affairs, keep revising them as well.


8. Practice Questions

Use questions related to current affairs from previous year papers or practice question banks. This will help you understand how current affairs are integrated into the exam and improve your problem-solving skills. Analyze the papers of previous years well and even after applying mock paper, keep in mind in which topics you are making more mistakes.


9. Focus on State-Specific News

MPPSC is a state-level civil service exam, so while preparing for it, you must focus on state-related current affairs. Stay informed about state government policies, administrative changes and local happenings. Along with current affairs, subjects like history, geography etc. should also be prepared well for state-level exams.



Remember that consistent and organized efforts are key when preparing for current affairs. By following these steps and staying disciplined in your approach, you'll be well-prepared to tackle the current affairs section of the MPPSC exam effectively. Good luck!

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