Kautilya academy    07-08-2019


Jammu and Kashmir has lost its special status and reduced to two union territories and invoking the same article 370 which had seen as firewalling the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir. Article 370 is the second part of XXI of the Indian constitution which is titled '' Temporary Transitional and Special  Provision "  and this is the first time Article 370 has been used to amend Article 367 in respect of Jammu and Kashmir and this amendment has been used to amend article 370 itself. Now several new changes take place after and formation of 2 new UTs Jammu and Kashmir with legislative assembly and Laddakh with LG. now there are several questions arise the way adopted by Govt. to scrape down Article 370. now  it's a peak time to take such a good decision to counter the blunder that was happened in independent India because of the advantage of special status enjoyed by some political families, giving an edgy position to separatists, the policy of appeasement  towards Laddakh , long-time  demand of UT by laddakhi people, unemployment in valley and whole region , lack of education and health facility,  insecurity of tourists, etc. There are several International incidents happens recently Interest of America to mediate between India and Pakistan, and very soon America will be going to leave Afghanistan, and the valley will be the most favorable target with Pak. sponsored terrorism. GoI shows the great political bill to take such great decision for the rejuvenation, reformation, of heaven of India. Thus this move is bound to have a significant impact on the demography, culture, and politics of J$ K. Article 370 considered as the bedrock of the constitutional relationship between India and J$ K. coming of years will give the answer whether the decision is in favor or against of Heaven  

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