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Preparing for Civil Services is equivalent to preparing for a battle. Nothing ever suffices. There is so much to know about the past, present and future. Whatever you read is the only tip of the iceberg. Usually, it is after graduation that people opt to prepare for this one of the hardest entrance examinations. But as the time ticks faster and faster, aspirants realize that they cannot devote much time, risking everything for an exam with bleak chances of selection. Also, since after graduation, every day that passes without a job or a secured future in hand, there is some unmentioned pressure in the back of minds of the aspirants.

So isn’t it a wise option to prepare for this exam and secure your dream administrative post right after you have finished schooling? We will tell you why we say so.

1. Optimum usage of time

While you are procuring a graduation degree, you have ample of time to devote to the preparation needed for this examination. So you have a win- win situation in short! Even if you do not get through the exam in your first attempt, there is more than ample time to make it up for the same. Like we said, win- win?

2. Career orientation

While graduating, you have sufficient time to figure out an appropriate career for you. not every student who wishes to prepare for Civil Services has enough valor to go the distance because it is rather a long distance. Sometimes, by the time an aspirant realizes that this is not what he wants to do, it is late. So even if you do not wish to go ahead with this career, you can make a wise decision at the right time because as we said- time ticks faster and faster!

3. Investment of time

“Graduation is the time to live your life as much as you can”- is what they say because the time is not coming back. Well, they are right because the time is really not coming back. You will never be able to make as much time in your life as you could in graduation. This free time is usually spent on unnecessary things. This is also the time which can be wisely channelized to a much better and higher purpose or for chasing your dream to an administrative job.

4. Lack of pressure

Because there is more time to prepare while you are in college, there is less pressure of failure and thus, more chances to get better results. There is also no parental pressure, which really disheartens a lot of students during the preparation. So goes without saying that if you prepare Civil Services in this time, you are just increasing your chances of selection.

5. Habit of studying

Preparation of Civil Services is synonymous to hours and hours of labor. This habit is something that takes the time to be cultivated. Often when people target this examination, the greatest skill to master is to be able to sit and read with undivided concentration. Thus, you can utilize the time while you are graduating to cultivate the habit of developing this habit to be able to read with undivided attention.

6. More time to strengthen weakness

More time for preparation also offers you more time to recognize and focus on your weaknesses, improving every single day and being better and better. Again, with more time in hand, you would be able to eliminate your weaknesses. And as these weaknesses will vanish, you will be filled with confidence to face this exam with your head up high!

So in summary, the best time to start preparing for Civil Services is right after you 12th. Why think twice then? Opt to make your dream career a reality. Use the most crucial time to carve your future. Start preparing for Civil Services right after you finish your schooling! 

Kautilya Academy runs a specially designed 3 years course for aspirants to prepare for Civil Services Examination just after 12th.

For more details, visit  http://bit.ly/IASafter12th

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