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Kautilya Academy is the leading guidance platform for complete MPPSC exam preparation providing it's best quality MPPSC notes based on updated syllabus with focus on MPPSC Pre and MPPSC Mains exam.

Kautilya Academy provides MPPSC notes in both english and hindi languages. MPPSC notes come along with Madhya Pradesh current affairs. MPPSC notes & study material are furnished & prepared by the highly qualified team of psc notes.

Get MPPSC Notes and MPPSC Study Material for preparation of MPPSC Exam. Kautilya Academy is the largest provider of MPPSC Notes and MPPSC Study Material prepared under the special guidance of experts.

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Our MPPSC notes for MPPSC exams are available in both Hard Copy & Soft Copy MPPSC Notes with our MPPSC study material are very much effective and useful for MPPSC preparation. These MPPSC Notes and study material have been prepared in simple and crisp language that is easy to retain.

Our MPPSC Notes consist of comprehensive study notes on subjects like -

✓General Studies    |   ✓Current Affairs   |   ✓History   |   ✓Law   |   ✓Sociolog   |   ✓Biotechnology   | ✓ Polity   |   & All the important subjects

Available Notes

MPPSC Pre Study Material

Rs. 10000₹ 7500₹ (Inc. GST)
  • Each and every aspect of the topic described in compliance with the updated syllabus.
  • All the relevant topics cover introduction, features, important facts and figures, analysis, etc.
  • Riveting approach to developing an interest in learning using mapping, diagrams, and flowcharts.
  • Comprehensive Coverage of all the theoretical concepts focusing on the MPPSC Pre exam.
  • The notes have a proper linkage of subjects with current affairs to boost understanding.
  • Precise and peculiar as per the objective nature of prelims paper.
  • Explanation of complex concepts with simple and lively examples.
  • Summarization of each topic at last for quick revision.
  • Online Test Series for MPPSC PRE ‘Previous Year Paper’ will be provided.

MPPSC Mains Study Material

Rs. 25000₹ 20000₹ (Inc. GST)
  • Conceptual and theoretical approach targeting the MPPSC Mains exam pattern.
  • Explicitly designed presentation to develop interest and avoid fuzziness.
  • Summarized the conclusion of each chapter at the end for quick revision.
  • Uncomplicated influential language for quick and easy understanding.
  • Student Note column at the end of every topic to laid extra emphasis on the important and unclear concepts and also for add-on material.
  • The notes have a proper linkage of subjects with current affairs to make the answers more effective than other competitors.
  • Online Test Series for MPPSC PRE ‘Previous Year Paper’ will be provided.

MPPSC Pre Notes & Mains Notes

Rs. 30000₹ 24500₹ (Inc. GST)
  • In our preliminary notes, you will find the content in a precise as well as conceptual manner.
  • Explicitly designed presentation to develop interest and avoid fuzziness.
  • Uncomplicated influential language for quick and easy understanding.
  • The notes have a proper linkage of subjects with current affairs to make the answers more effective than other competitors.
  • Riveting approach to developing an interest in learning using mapping, diagrams, and flowcharts.
  • Explanation of complex concepts with simple and lively examples.
  • The online test series has a wide range of expected and frequently asked questions for MPPSC.
  • Online Test Series for MPPSC PRE ‘Previous Year Paper’ will be provided.

Civil Services Exam

Civil Services Examination is considered to be the nation’s most prestigious yet toughest of all the exams. It not only provides us a professional administrative career but also an opportunity to prove ourselves for the sake of the Country and Society. Similarly, at the state level, the State Governments of the respective provinces organize the state PSC to select candidates in different administrative departments. Every year, lakhs of aspirants from all over the country prepare themselves to qualify for the exam with an aim of achieving their dream of ultimate success. But the only candidates who are dedicated and committed get the final selection. Under Civil Services Examination, UPSC organizes the exam for important services like IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS, etc. while MPPSC holds examination for State Administrative Services, State Police Services, Finance Department, Revenue Department, and other.

Exam Format

MPPSC exam holds in three stages viz. preliminary exam, mains exam, and Interview session. The Preliminary exam is objective in nature which requires factual knowledge of each and every topic while the Mains paper which is a total of 6 in number is descriptive in nature requires in-depth and conceptual knowledge of subjects. The third and final procedure of selection is the Interview session which is more of your attitude examination rather than a knowledge test.

Exam Paper Time Duration Marks Allotted
Prelims Paper I (GS- 100 Questions) Paper II (Aptitude- 80 Questions) 2 hours 2 hours 200 Marks 200 Marks
Mains GS- 4 papers Hindi Essay 3 hours 2 hours 2 hours 1100 marks 200 marks 100 marks
Why Civil Services?

After all, why do we want to choose our career as civil servants – only for serving the country? It can also be done in other forms. Or just for money? But more than this salary can be found in other jobs and occupations. Then what is the reason behind the attraction towards civil services?

Let us introduce you to some of the features of civil service that make it a center of attraction:

If we look at the level of governance, the important duties of the executive are discharged only through civil servants. In fact, since colonial times, the civil service has been seen as a backbone of all-round development and it still has its relevance.

Earlier, where it was in the role of a controller, now its role has been transformed as a procurator of the welfare state, whose core lies in the development of the country and the individual.

Today wide powers have been imparted over the civil servants, due to which they also face criticism several times. But if this power is used properly in a diligent manner, it can transform both the condition and direction of the country. This is the reason that youths who want to undergo major changes or do something good are attracted to this job and appear in the Civil Services Examination to involve themselves in this grand role.

This is the only examination in which, after being successful, one gets a chance to hold high positions in administration in various fields and play an effective role in policy-making.

It not only gets an attractive salary, the security of post, variety of work area, and all other types of features but also provides high social.

Civil servants honored the power to materialize policy reforms.

There are many civil servants whose work is like an inspiration to us. Like – an IAS officer S.R. Shankaran continued to fight against bonded labor throughout his life and through his efforts, a law like the “Bonded Labor System (Abolition) Act, 1976” was enacted.

Overall, after entering the civil service we have many opportunities to move forward and move the country forward. Above all, we can contribute to the development of several fields like agriculture, health, education, management together which is hardly possible in any other public sector.

Civil servants have many institutional powers that they can use to bring about radical changes in any area. This is the reason why successful people in different fields are also attracted to this service.

Preparation Strategy
Here are some important tips and strategies to prepare for the Civil Service Examination:

Analyze and memorize the updated syllabus and exam pattern.

Emphasis on the high weightage topics for proper time management.

Prepare Notes from the standard books or notes of relevant coaching institutions.

Factual analysis of each and every topic to get on top in MPPSC Prelims.

For MPPSC mains, an in-depth and conceptual study is a must.

Get self-motivated and be consistent with your preparation.

Focus on your personality cult in order to get success in the Interview round.

If you personalize yourself as a civil servant, then your point of view, ideology and actions will automatically be transformed accordingly.

MPPSC Study Material

MPPSC exam 2019 has been held on 12 January 2020. Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is the organizing body for the MPPSC exam under the MP state government. MPPSC is one of the most challenging and toughest exams under the state government. In order to qualify for the MPPSC examination, a candidate needs to work hard with all his possible efforts.

MPPSC Examination is held in three stages viz. Prelims (Objective in nature), Mains (descriptive), and Interview Session.

Before candidates begin worrying about their competency to sit for the test, they must go through the article below to comprehend everything about MPPSC Preparation. They will find solutions to the following inquiries by the end of this article:

Important Book List for MPPSC Exam

Preparation Strategy for MPPSC Prelims

Preparation Strategy for MPPSC Mains

Preparation Strategy for MPPSC Prelims

How to make Notes?

Important Book List for MPPSC Exam

This article will assist you in choosing the great and most appropriate books for your groundwork for the MPPSC prelims test. A quintessential book and a perfect mentorship are the keys to success. “It is better to know one book intimately than a hundred superficially.”

Here is the list of some paramount books for MPPSC Prelims and Mains GS

History –

Class 11th and 12th NCERT – for World History
Class 6th to 12th NCERT for Ancient and Medieval History
For modern history – Spectrum- A brief history of modern India by Rajiv Ahir.

Indian Culture –

Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania is a complete book for understanding the rich culture of India.

History Culture & Literature and geography of Madhya Pradesh- Madhya Pradesh Ek Parichaya (Mc Grawhills Publication)

MP GK by Mukesh Maheshwari

Various revision magazines published annually specially Tathya Baan for quick and easy revision tactics through maps Because map visualization is the most appropriate way to understand.

Geography and Environment –

for the physical geography of the world

Physical geography by GC Leong

Physical geography by Ravindra Singh or Mahesh Kumar Barnwal is more than enough.

Indian geography- Geography of India by RC Tiwari

Human geography- students should opt for NCERT class 6Th to 12Th especially if you are from a non-art background it is a must contemplate NCERT with appropriate planning. Planning makes your ideas and areas clearer which is then simple to remind at time.

Environment – Shankar IAS and Red Databook

For fodder material and most recent updates, India year book latest edition and government reports from their individual respective websites, chief conventions and international treaties are most important.

Indian Polity –

M. Laxmikant is the finished book for Indian Polity and constitution which has been a state of fulfillment for years for all the aspirants.

For most recent changes, added articles and decisions everyday newspaper perusing (not obligatorily The Hindu) and individual notes is the most ideal approach to remain refreshed.

Indian Economy –

The economy is somewhere the most typical subject for most of the aspirants to understand and synthesize.

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Annual edition by Drishti Publications is a better option for a quick and better understanding of the economy.

Analyze Annual budget by Govt. of India through https://www.indiabudget.gov.in/ or in short through the newspapers and magazines.

Science and Technology in India –

Kalpana Rajaram – Spectrum.

NCERT Books for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

For current discoveries, inventions, and researches you should opt for monthly or yearly magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan and To the Point of Drishti IAS Youtube channel for all the current affairs.

Current Affairs and sports-

Yojana, Kurukshetra, and India yearbook.

For Prelims Paper – II

Quantitative Aptitude – RS Aggarwal
Fast Track Arithmetic book – Rajesh Verma
A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non – Verbal & Analytical- Arihant Publications.

Note-Previous year question papers are the pivotal part to comprehend and dissect the test pattern and to realize what to do and what not to do. You can go through the official website of mppsc.nic.in or from the solved papers booklet by Arihant.

MPPSC Interview

MPPSC Interview is one of the most crucial and important parts of the journey towards being successful in the MPPSC examination which acts as an important deciding factor for gradation of post as per the final Merit list that includes marks secured collectively in the Mains exam and Interview.

The interview round consists of 175 marks.

Unlike the prelims and mains preparation, the interview round needs not only syllabus knowledge but also OLQs and personality traits.

Key Areas to focus on while preparing for the Interview:-

Your CV inclusive of your background, educational qualification, work experience, hobbies

Region-specific questions where you are born or have completed your studies

Interest in MPPSC – appropriate, logical reasons or why you want to become a civil servant

Current Affairs & General Awareness – events of national and international importance

Questions on polity, socioeconomic and political issues

State-specific questions on current happenings

Economy, banking and finance, government schemes

Questions on government functioning

Your perception regarding the current system of government

Style is a reflection of your attitude; your Attire is all about how you present yourself to the world.

Most Recurrent Questions

Describe yourself

About your Native Town

About the University from which you studied

About native state

Why Administrative Services

About graduation/ PG streams

Optional Subject

Current Issues

Suggestions/Views over the acts of running Government

You should know Yourself better and have effective communication skills with a positive attitude and self-confidence. A candidate must have clarity of thoughts, a responsible attitude, and leadership skills to present himself in this great post.

Kautilya Academy is one of the best coaching institutes in India for the preparation of competitive examinations. The institute has been giving toppers in each and every administrative or government sector exam from the past 18 years. Kautilya Academy has taken this initiative of providing Online Study Material and Notes to the students precisely for the MPPSC exam. The motive behind is that even the students who live in the remote areas could also learn and prepare well for the MPPSC exam. The notes are designed under the guidance of the topmost faculties of MPPSC at Kautilya Academy. Kautilya Academy's MPPSC Online Study Material is one of the simplest and the most updated notes on all the subjects of every competitive exam. This is the reason why we are equally loved by IAS or IPS exam toppers or any other student preparing for any type of exam. These notes are available in both Hindi & English languages for better understanding.

Key Features:
Comprehensive coverage of all the important theory concepts focusing on the MPPSC Pre & Mains exam.
Supplementary examples to solidify the learned theory concepts and to build strong hold on them.
Conclusion of each chapter is provided in the end with a summary for quick revision.
Multiple Choice Objective Questions based on exam pattern, at the end of each chapter to boost the level of preparation.
Each chapter has a set of Practice Questions to accoutre aspirants with a good level of practice and prepare them for the neck to neck competition.
The study material includes All Subjects of the MPPSC exams. The Latest Current Affairs, Notes for Hindi Languages & Grammar.
To help aspirants score well in the General Studies Section this package contains specially designed General Studies textbook with practice questions.
Current Affairs Annual Edition Magazine
The Package also includes previous years’ solved question papers of all the exams.
Benefits of this study material:
This study material has been prepared keeping in mind the syllabus of All the major Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission.
As you know, our mission is to provide benefits to every candidate who is unable to join coaching classes due to a constraint, but dreams of becoming a civil servant.
We compile only official facts and figures from reliable sources in the making of this material.
This study material has been prepared in easy and simple language which is very easy to understand and can be remembered for a long time.
This material covers the syllabus for both preliminary and main examination.
Quick revision points are included for revision shortly before the exam.
At the end of each chapter, the section has included the preliminary examination questions (including answers) asked during the last 17 years and the main exam questions in the last 4 years.
We have a team of talented and experienced content writers for every subject along with professional management, who diligently produces quality study material for you.
FAQs related to MPPSC Notes:
1. How will we get the notes delivered to our home?

You have to order the MPPSC Online Notes and have to fill a form where you have to mention your General Information of yours along with your correct postal address. We will send your notes on the address provided by you.
2. Is there any provision for offline notes?

Yes, these notes are available to you in the offline mode only.
3. In which language are you providing the notes?

The MPPSC Notes are being available to you in both the Hindi and English languages. But, you have to select any one of the languages, in which you want these MPPSC Notes.
4. May I get the notes for the MPPSC Mains exam?

Yes, we are also providing the Notes for MPPSC Mains exam
5. Is there any study material available for the MPPSC Essay writing exam?
Yes, our Hindi Language & Literature experts have designed an excellent collection of some important essays and essay writing skills.
6. Are the MPPSC Notes sufficient for our Preparation?

Truly speaking nothing is ever sufficient for getting Success. But as far as the MPPSC examinations are considered, Kautilya Academy's MPPSC Notes are very much helpful. These notes are prepared according to the latest syllabus and the complexities of the examination paper. And you can definitely score very good marks with these notes.
7. In how many days can we get our order delivered?

Once you have completed the formalities regarding your order, the order will get delivered to you within 4-5 working days.
8. Do you also provide sample papers along with the online notes?

Yes, we provide sample papers along with the notes of the respective subjects. Also, we have a provision for Online Test Series. You can join it as well for more practice.

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