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MPPSC Online Classes

MPPSC Online Classes – Kautilya Academy

A new digital era is introducing in the world with leading technologies and skills. The technology becomes quintessential in our daily lives, students need to develop extra skills in order to get succeed. Not only the digital marketing, businesses, social media apps but also the education system has set its foot in this era of digitalization. If emerging technology is providing you the chance to learn from home through online classes in an affordable way then why not to take benefits from. Kautilya Academy introduces a wide range of expertise online classes through application where you will find lectures for all subjects for MPPSC with experienced and intellectual faculties. The link for app is given below. Download now and get access through registration.

Learn from Home – Ensure your safety

The world is facing a huge pandemic challenge but the time and opportunity never ceases. Young aspiring minds are looking for the medium and chance to continue their study when all the schools, colleges and institutions are closed due to covid-19 pandemic. Several schools are providing online classes for their students, companies are giving opportunity to work from home then how could you stop your preparation in this increasing competition level.

An unabridged shift from classroom teaching towards digital learning is considered to be an opportunity to ignite minds of younger generation in transfiguration of disaster into an opportunity.

Not only for today’s need but also in the long term this will benefit those aspirants who are unable to go outside from home in large cities for their further studies and courses that are unavailable in their home towns. The Massive open online courses (MOOCS) and Swayam are the examples of this great shift by the government of India to bestow opportunity over the young aspiring minds which proved to be helpful for their studies in present scenario. Nowadays online means of study is a safer medium to study well.

Importance of digital learning
● It is 24 hours resources which you can access any time.
● Learning tools and technology enable the students to develop effective learning skills.
● They are able to identify and use online resources in an effective manner.
● Helps to evaluate resultant feedback.
● Digital learning platforms provides a wide variety of content video lectures, online test series, pdfs, notes, etc.
● You can watch the recorded lectures any-time whenever needed.
● Online classes save your time as you can skip the topics which you don’t need to study.
● Student can track their progress reports by giving online tests.
● More engaging than traditional learning methods
● Learn with fun- Interesting way to connect learners through presentation skills.
● Bountiful knowledge on the digital platforms.
● Develops accountability in students

Kautilya academy is here to provide you a great chance to continue your MPPSC Preparation Online at home with a new zeal and enthusiasm in an effective and economical way.

Kautilya Academy MPPSC Online Classes provide-
✔ 200 plus live and recorded classes with expert faculties for MPPSC pre and mains.
✔ 190 plus PDFs and high-quality study material to explicate the concepts.
✔ 50 plus mock tests and FLTs to analyze your preparation level.
✔ 5000 plus practice questions to make your study perfect.
✔ Live doubt clearing sessions for making your concepts clearer.

Affordable price at just Rs. 25,000 including GST
Actual price- INR 52,750/- + GST

Discounted price- 25,000 including GST
“We, the kautilya family are shepherding technology into traditional classrooms in order to ensure a better tomorrow by empowering our faculties with the right tools today. If you have some ideas that can bring positive changes to our education system, we welcome you.”

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