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The Details of Kautilya Academy's flagship UPSC (IAS/IPS) One Year Prelims Cums Mains Program are given below.

Admission Open
  • Comprehensive Prelims Cum Mains Coverage of syllabus.
  • Highly Qualified Experienced faculties having vast Experience in UPSC Examination Process
  • Strict adherence to timelines for syllabus completion.
  • Weekly/Topic Test
  • Online Digital Reading Material
  • Complementary value addition classes for our UPSC ONE YEAR COURSE students.
  • Prelims Test series.
    News Paper + Current Affair Classes.
    Mains Answer writing Classes.
    Essay writing Classes.
    Our Faculties
    • Mr.Rishi Bhosle

      HOD English Medium
      Indian Constitution and Public Administration
      Faced UPSC and MPPSC interview .
      Masters in Public Administration.NET-JRF (Public Administration) Qualified.
      8 Years of teaching experience.

    • Mr Sameer Gandhe

      Appeared in UPSC Prelims,Mains and Interview in very first attempt
      MA in History
      Former Network Engineer at HCL Technologies

    • Mr.Shanky Kothari

      Indian Economy.
      UPSC Interview-2015
      Former Software Engineer at Infosys Technologies

    • Mr Sorabh Yadav

      Madhya Pradesh GK and Social Issues
      Faced MPPSC Interview & Mains 2015-2018
      Graduate in Mechanical Engineering

    • Mr.Apoorv Sharma

      Geography And Environment-Ecology.
      B.E. (RGTU) & MBA (Symbiosis).
      Former Project Manager in Raymond, Welspun & CIEL Group(Mauritius)

    • Mr.Govind Nema

      Political Science and International Relations
      Faced UPSC interview thrice
      Software Engineer from NIT,Bhopal

    • Mr.Vishal Sakpal

      Science Technology and Current Affairs
      MSc Chemistry

    • Mr.Nihar Ranjan

      Science and Technology
      MSc.Biotechnology ,
      Research Scholar at IITR Lucknow.
      BSC from AMITY University

    • Dr.Vikas Sharma

      Geography and Disaster Management.
      Doctor by profession.MBBS from MGM Medical College,Indore.

    • Ms.Kratika Kabra

      Indian Economy
      Company Secretary by Profession
      BCom, MCom, Hindu College, Delhi University

    • Mr Sukanto Bhowmik

      Expertise in CSAT.
      10 Years of teaching experience.
      Electrical Engineer

    • Mr.Upendra Rajawat

      Expertise in Language paper-Hindi
      Master of Arts in Hindi

    • Mr.Vikas Oad

      Indian History And Arts-Culture

    • Mr.Saurabh Yadav

      Expertise in Geography
      Engineer by Profession

    • Mr Vikas Singh

      Governance, Internal Security.
      Engineer from Vellore Institute of Technology
      UPSC Interview 2015,2016

    • Mr.Yash dubey

      Public Administration Optional
      Engineer by profession

    Target IAS-2020.
    Current Affairs and News Paper
  • Classes will be held five days a week one hour daily.
  • Complex current affairs issues will be simplified for your understanding, with audio visual and power point presentations.
  • 360 degree view of current affairs issues.
  • Will make you learn how to identify important news from examination point of view.
  • Intensive analysis of newspaper on a daily basis.
  • Will help you identify important facts and analysis from newspaper articles.
  • Special focus on editorials and its explanations
  • Complimentary online current affairs reading material.
  • Target IAS-2020.
    Answer Writing from December 2019 Target IAS-2020.
  • Learn the art of writing good answers.
  • Topical answer writing for all Mains GS papers.
  • Focus on writing prompt introductions, appealing conclusions and ‘to the point’ body of answer.
  • In-class answer writing practise and prompt checking of answers with comments by faculty for continuous improvement.
  • Model answers for questions will be provided.
  • Scientific strategy for essay writing and model essays on various topics.
  • Complimentary online content will be provided.
  • Target IAS 2020
    Yearly Schedule
    1 hour
    1 hour
    1 hour
    1 hour
    1 hour
  • June
  • Economy Polity Current Affairs NA NA
  • July
  • Economy Economy Polity Polity Current Affairs
  • August
  • Economy Economy Polity Polity + Governance Current Affairs
  • September
  • Geography Geography History History Current Affairs
  • October
  • Geography Geography History History Current Affairs[Self Study]
  • November
  • Optional Optional Environment and DM Ethics Mains Answer Writing
  • December
  • Optional Optional Science/ Ethics Mains Answer Writing
  • January
  • Optional Optional Arts Culture "Social Issues AND National Security " Subject-wise Tests And Discussion
  • February
  • Optional Optional CSAT IR Subject-wise Tests And Discussion
  • March
  • "Economic Survey AND India Year Book" Current Affairs Self Study Self Study Subject-wise Tests And Discussion
  • April
  • "Full Length Prelims Test Series " "Full Length Prelims Test Series " Test Discussion Test Discussion Self Study
  • May
  • Self Study Self Study Self Study Self Study Self Study
  • June
  • UPSC Prelims NA NA NA NA

    Note: For any academic query , call 9111321212,9165475465
    UPSC (IAS/IPS) Prelims 2020-TEST SERIES
  • 24 tests total on UPSC Prelims Pattern. 14 sectional Test and 5 Full-Length Test
  • Test Series is available in online and offline mode
  • For all tests, detailed explanatory solution will be provided
  • Tests will be conduct on Saturdays and short discussion with doubt clearification will be held on following Mondays.
  • Marks and Rankings of candidates will be uploaded on our online plateforms within seven days of test
  • (Limited Seats) for Test Series and Admission
    Contacts-+91 9111321212, 9111010991, 9425068121

    • Target UPSC (IAS/IPS) Prelims 2020.
    • A total of 24 tests will be conducted on UPSC pattern .
    • For all tests, detailed explanatory solutions will be provided which will also be value addition material
    • Test will generally be conducted every Saturday.
    • Marks and rankings of candidates appearing in test will be uploaded on our online platform within 7 days of test conducted.
    • Candidates may come for doubts clearing session in a particular time slot every Monday & meet the respective faculty.

    Test Number and Date Subject Topics
    TEST 4th Jan INDIAN POLITY + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● Historical Background
    ● Salient Features of Indian Constitution
    ● Preamble
    ● Citizenship
    ● Fundamental Rights
    ● Directive Principles of State Police
    ● Fundamental Duties
    TEST 2 11th Jan INDIAN HISTORY 1 (MODERN INDIA 1) + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● Arrival of Europeans
    ● Early English wars-Carnatic Plassey, Buxar
    ● Early structure of British Empire
    ● Constitutional Developments (from 1773 to 1858)
    ● Maratha Wars and Mysore wars
    ● Governor Generals (From Robert Clive to Lord Dalhousie their Administration, reform etc.)
    ● Administration during Company period, Education policy, Famine policy, Press regulating etc.
    ● Tribal and Peasant Uprisings till 1857
    ● Revolt of 1857
    ● Socio Religious Reform Movements (Entirely)
    TEST 3 18th Jan GEOGRAPHY-1 + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● Origin of universe
    ● Evolution of Earth
    ● Earth's structure
    ● Volcanoes and Earthquakes
    ● Continents and Ocean Basins
    ● Earth movementsv ● Mountains, Plateaus, Plains and Lake.
    ● Rock, Soils and Minerals
    ● Drainage System and Pattern
    ● Various Landforms
    ● Reliefs of Ocean Basin
    ● Temperature and Salinity of Ocean
    ● Ocean deposits
    ● Ocean tides and currents
    ● Coral reefs
    ● Marine Resources
    ● Structure and composition of atmosphere
    ● Insolation and Heat Budget of atmosphere
    ● Temperature and its distribution
    ● Atmospheric pressure and its circulation
    ● Wind system
    ● Humidity and precipitation
    ● Frontogenesis and cyclones
    ● World Climatic Regions (Location, distribution, climate, vegetion, wildife, people, economic activities)
    TEST 4 25th Jan ECONOMICS-1 + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● National Income
    ● Growth and Development
    ● Public Finance
    ● Money and Inflation
    ● Banking
    ● Money Market
    TEST 5 1st Feb INDIAN POLITY – 2 + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● Federalism
    ● Parliamentary form of Government
    ● Centre
    ● State (Judiciary not included)
    ● Amendment to the constitution
    ● Election
    TEST 6 8th Feb INDIAN HISTORY-2(MODERN INDIA 2) + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● Pre Congress political parties, Indian National Congress – Early Leaders and their Contributions
    ● Phase of Moderates and Extremists
    ● Swadeshi and National Movement
    ● Period of Revolutionary Movements
    ● Arrival of Gandhi, his early successes in South Africa and his Early experiments in India
    ● Non-Cooperation Movement and Temple entry movements
    ● Civil Disobedience Movement
    ● Developments to Government of India Act 1935 (Simon Commission, Round Table Congress, Poona pact)
    ● 1937 Election and Formation of Congress Ministries in Provinces
    ● Transfer of power issues (From 1940 to 1947)
    ● Rise of capitalism and Rise of Trade Union Movements
    ● Rise of Communalism
    ● Other Political Parties during National Movement
    TEST 7 15th Feb GEOGRAPHY - 2 (INDIAN GEOGRAPHY – I) + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● Geological structure,
    ● Physiographic
    ● Drainage
    ● Climate
    ● Natural Vegetation and Wildlife,
    ● Soils
    TEST 8 22nd Feb ECONOMICS – 2 + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● External sector
    ● Planning
    ● Agriculture
    ● Industry
    ● Infrastructure
    ● Social Sector
    ● Contemporary Economic Issues in India and the World
    TEST 9 29th February ENVIRONMENT – 1 + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● Ecology
    ● Ecosystem – Types and Functions
    ● Environment Impact Assessment
    ● Biodiversity concepts
    ● Indian Biodiversity – Flora and Fauna (both terrestrial and aquatic)
    ● Conservation and Initiatives
    Agriculture in Environmental perspective
    TEST 10 5th March SCIENCE AND INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION-I+ CURRENT AFFAIRS 1. International Organizations: United Nations (Organs, Agencies, Programmes and Funds) Regional Organizations and Nuclear Organizations, Treaties and Conventions.
    2. Science and Technology- General Science and recent Developments, Space Technology, Defense Technology, Electrical and Electronics Technology and Green Technology
    TEST 11 14th March INDIAN POLITY – 3 + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● The Union Territories
    ● Local Self Government
    ● The Scheduled and Tribal Areas
    ● Center and State Relations
    ● Emergency Provisions
    ● Tribunals
    ● Languages
    ● Constitutional and extra Constitutional bodies
    ● Rights issues
    ● Public policy
    ● Governance
    ● Indus Valley Civilization
    ● Vedic Period (early and later Vedic)
    ● Mahajanapadas
    ● Mauryan Period ● Ancient Indian religion and philosophy (Buddhism, Jainism and others), Six Philosophical schools
    ● Medieval India
    ● Art and Culture (From Ancient times to Modern history )
    TEST 13 28th March GEOGRAPHY - 3 (- INDIAN GEOGRAPHY – II) + CURRENT AFFAIRS ● Population
    ● Resources
    ● Irrigation and Agriculture
    ● Industries
    ● Transport
    ● Trade and other Economic Activities.
    TEST 14 4th April SCIENCE AND Technology + INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION – 2 + ENVIRONMENT 2+ CURRENT AFFAIRS ● International Organizations - Ideological and Political organizations, Financial and Trade organizations, Cultural and Religious organizations
    ● Science and Technology - Nuclear Technology, Nano Technology, Biotechnology, Robotics, Health and Hygiene, Intellectual Property Rights, Information Technology
    ENVIRONMENT : Complete

    11th April Tests 15 GS
    11th April Tests 16 CSAT
    18th April Tests 17 GS
    18th April Tests 18 CSAT
    25th April Tests 19 GS
    25th April Tests 20 CSAT
    2nd May Tests 21 GS
    2nd May Tests 22 CSAT
    9th May Tests 23 GS
    9th May Tests 24 CSAT


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