Myth About Civil Services

There are so many myths regarding the preparation of the Civil Services Examination either it is central or state CSE. Many of the candidates who start preparing for this exam, while many experienced candidates also get confused. Through this information, our aim is to keep the candidates away from these myths and motivate them to focus their attention on the exam.

The most difficult exam for all the exams, is it true?

The Civil Services Examination is just a test like other examinations, the difference is only in their nature and process. Smart study and dynamic strategy are the keys to increase the chances of success. Keep in mind, there may be differences in the abilities of the candidates, but with proper strategy and consistent practice, no goal is difficult.

16-18 hours study daily, is this true?

Success depends on aspects other than study hours. Civil Services Examination is generally conducted in three stages (Preliminary, Main Examination, and Interview), in which the nature and strategy of each stage are different. In such a situation, to say that it is necessary to study for 16-18 hours daily to be successful in this examination is not completely correct. If a candidate studies 8 hours regularly with proper consistency under efficient guidance then the chances of his success are increased.

Coaching in Delhi is necessary, is this true?

No, this is not entirely correct. Looking at the exam results of previous years, many such candidates have been selected in this examination in high positions, who have done self-study at home. Proper and dynamic strategy, level study material, awareness, honest effort, etc. are the keys to success. Coaching institutes give you a guideline on which eventually you have to follow. Currently, notes of many reputed coaching institutes are available in the market which can be studied.

The Kautilya organization is well aware that many candidates who dream of going to civil service by staying in a village/city are forced to be limited to incomplete preparation due to lack of proper guidance and accurate material. They are not able to join a coaching class program due to finances, family, business, etc. Kautilya Academy is aware of the requirements of aspirants. The basic approach of the Kautilya Academy MPPSC Notes page and online classes is to provide easy access to appropriate study material related to MPPSC to those candidates preparing for MPPSC Examination who are unable to seek guidance at the coaching institute level for some reason.

The syllabus is like an Ocean?

It is not like that. Even after the recent changes in the 2020 syllabus, the syllabus of MPPSC is quite clearer. Due to some common titles of some papers of General Studies, there is general confusion among the candidates that some questions have been asked out of the syllabus when they are related to some titles. You should not pay attention to such confusing things. The purpose of MPPSC is to select qualified candidates and not to harass candidates by asking them unnecessary questions.

Does the Luck matter?

If you believe in luck, then clearly understand that luck in passing this exam Contributes only 1% and 99% of your hard work and dedication. Do not lose 99% of your success with your hands. If you work honestly, luck will definitely support you. Remember, ‘God only helps those who help themselves’.

English medium gets more marks than Hindi medium, is this true?

No, this is not entirely correct. Getting good marks in a subject depends on the candidate’s interest in that subject, his broad understanding, availability of standard course material, good writing style and time management, etc. Candidates of Hindi medium can score good marks (i.e. equal to or more than serious candidates of English medium) in the same subjects or question papers, in which the use of technical terminology is more or less, there is no expectation of updated information. And subjects on which books and testers are readily available in Hindi.


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