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  • UPSC civil services exam, also known as the IAS exam in common parlance, For getting selection in this there required a combination of Right Knowledge and Right Strategy. No doubt, you have to prepare each topic in the UPSC syllabus thoroughly, but you should also acquire a few skills in order to fare well in the IAS exam. The particular demands of the IAS EXAM are such that only a planned and guided preparation with the right focus can help you. Always remember when you are preparing for the IAS exam, your goal should be very clear, and not to acquire knowledge in a subject.


    The first thing to remember whether one is a beginner or a third attempter, everyone should go through the previous years question papers. The goal here is to familiarise with the pattern of questions. After an aspirant is fairly familiar with the previous years pattern of questions, he or she may proceed with covering or revising the Kautilya Academy Notes. If time does not permit a full reading of these, the aspirant may solve Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based on the Kautilya Academy Notes and make notes from the solutions to these questions.


    The third place where an aspirant must go for current affairs for this daily newspaper reading is required. Reading a newspaper everyday is very important – it helps with current affairs and general knowledge, with understanding any given topic, and most importantly reading the newspaper daily creates and sustains the habit of reading.


    Another step everyone should follow is a Mock Test Series. This helps in three ways – first, it focus on punctuality or a routine in those who are in need of it; second, if the mock tests are taken in the classroom, this will help in simulating what the actual exam could be like; finally, well developed mock test papers cover topics very closely to what might be asked in the Prelims and therefore attempting them could actually better the chances of getting answers correct on the day of exam.


    Revision is paramount. A huge syllabus and multiple subjects make it difficult for you to remember all that you learnt. To make sure that you are able to recall everything you learnt, you should revise repeatedly and regularly.


    Some important Key points to remember:-

    • Identify the Core Areas of Syllabus
    • Make a simple and flexible routine
    • Also remember to take break time to time
    • Use selected notes/books and multiple reading of the same
    • Customize your preparation according to your strength and weakness.
    • Daily scheduling & Planning is must.
    • Last one is revise, revise and revise.


    All the best for your exam !!