UPSC Pre Study Package

यूपीएससी प्रारंभिक परीक्षा अध्ययन सामग्री

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Kautilya Academy presents the notes for the UPSC pre-examination 2020 based on the revised syllabus. The notes are prepared under the expert guidance of our faculties including detailed static content as well as deeply analyzed and efficient current information regarding all the events of national or international importance. As per the syllabus of the preliminary examination, the important areas to be covered are History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Environment & Ecology, General Science and Current Events. The notes available in the Postal Package of Kautilya Academy contains a detailed description of the main content related to all these topics. The students can completely rely on these notes for the preparation of the prelims. These notes are divided into separate sections for each of the basic content. Like there is a separate section for History comprising of the detailed syllabus with elaborative explanation and important dates and events in the history, also there are interactive pictures for increasing the interest of the students and the proper usage of geographical maps and timeline graphs for providing a better understanding of the important historical events. Similarly in the Geography section, we are providing a detailed analysis of all the important atmospheric phenomena and their impact on the environment and the living organisms. The content on Science and Technology comprises not only the basic essentials of biology, chemistry, physics, zoology, botany as well as it includes the recent achievements in the field of space and research that is evident in India’s overall development. And the most important annual current events are included as per their significance including the details of sports tournaments, appointments, deaths of famous personalities, an outbreak of an epidemic, etc.