Kautilya Academy Schollership Exam | Bharat Bhagya Vidhata 2019
About Kautilya Academy

Established in 2003, Kautilya Academy has been training candidates for administrative services of union and state public commission and has produced unmatched results ever since its inception. Along with being the leading preparation destination for civil services, we also provide expert classes for competitive examinations such as Bank P.O, SSC, Railway and NET/SLET. Kautilya Academy believes in high-quality education imparted by very experienced and accomplished teaching faculty, keeping into consideration the individual needs of students and aiding them to the best of our abilities.


Looking back at the years gone by, since our inception and the kind of result we have achieved in competitive examinations, we have created a strong brand recognition. Whenever a student comes to Kautilya Academy, he/she brings with him/her high expectations, not just his/her own but also of his/her parents. With thousands of students every year, it becomes a big challenge for us to live up to the expectations of each one of them. We always aim at meeting their expectations with standardized content and coaching methods and qualified faculty, thus delivering a strong selection track record. Over the years, Kautilya Academy has become a brand associated with quality coaching and a proven student selection track record in Civil Service examinations. It has been producing results at national as well as state level examinations, with Top Ranks in some of the toughest exams like MPPSC, UPSC, MPSI, SSC, Banking to name a few.

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata 2019

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata scholarship test is a campaign directed towards helping the students with limited means but abundant ambition and willingness to strive hard for their dreams. We believe that deserving students should get guidance and resources they require irrespective of their circumstances, based purely on their aptitude and skill.

The test is conducted offline and the students are provided with ample time and online resources such as mock tests to prepare for the test. Based on the marks obtained by them and their overall performance the students are then awarded scholarships and awards according to the criteria they fall under.