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    Kautilya Academy Notes Designed as per the MPPSC syllabus here we focus only on quality material, while when you study with the books it provides you with various information but not the specific information for a particular exam. Here we provide each and every topic according to the MPPSC syllabus, and also provide last year’s exam papers so that students can understand the level of the exam. So from Kautilya Academy notes you can assure yourself that there is no need to refer to any books.

    The most important thing one should remember is sticking to a Single source and revising multiple times to assure your selection.

    Notes play a very important role in your study, A good note will help you to learn and understand. When you follow the quality notes of Kautilya Academy MPPSC notes then there is no need to refer to many books.It contains all the important topics in just one place. Kautilya Academy Notes provide the best study material as per the student requirement. Kautilya Academy Notes are easy to learn and understandable.

    For all competitive exams, there is a pre-decided strategy and appearing for any competitive exam requires a lot of preparation. Students should be ready to face this challenge in the best possible way. There are ways to study more effectively and with less stress and more enjoyment with the help of quality notes.

    There are times when students blankly read the entire page without understanding a single word, but if you are learning from notes, then your brain will try to squeeze meaning out of every single sentence which is beneficial for students. Study notes keep track of all the information they have learned. It acts as a ready referral to go through during preparing for exam time. So notes are important if you really want to crack any exam.
    You can buy quality notes of MPPSC with the given link:-


    Definitely, Notes are prepared for keeping you updated for any exam. If you don’t follow the updated notes then might leave the important topic from your study material and there is a possibility that you get a question from that topic. So updated notes increase the chance of your selection in the exam so this is the thing that every student should remember.

    So notes keep you updated according to the latest syllabus.

    The first thing I want to say here is that if you have a thought in your mind that the more study material I will refer to, the more knowledge I will gain or better will be prepared. You need to eliminate this fact of your mind.

    A book has everything related to any exam but you need to read down the whole book for that. But when you follow our Kautilya Academy study notes you will get specific study material according to the exam and according to the updated syllabus.

    Instead what you need to do is concentrate to be on one source of study, to prevent the clash of thoughts and have a better understanding of each topic, so as to make your concepts/ basics concrete. Although I would also say that sometimes we do feel the requirement to refer to standard books, there is no harm to refer to them as well.

    You can easily find daily current affairs lectures on the YouTube channel of Kautilya academy, through the current affairs page of the Kautilya academy website, and monthly as well as yearly magazines of Kautilya by Takshsheela publications.

    MPPSC Prelims exam is objective and hence students need to memorize the important facts. At the time of exam students revise all the syllabus but they are not able to revise full syllabus at this time so there is a need of tricks and tips that help the student to revise the syllabus as soon as possible.

    Some complex topics need extra effort to study. With the help of short tricks and tips a student will visualise the particular topic, and these tips and tricks helps students, during exam he can easily relate the question to the particular topic and be able to answer the question.

    Students can find the books for paper 1 and paper 2 easily but for crucial subject like Ethics, Science and Environment, Polity and Public Administration students needs to study in a very sincere manner, normally student buy books from the markets and start studying but a standard book has various topics, and students face difficulties to search for his syllabus, he need to study whole book. But Kautilya Academy Study Notes provides you precise and perfect material for each and every subject.

    These notes are available in both Hindi and English languages. So that, the students can study in whichever language they are comfortable with.

    Yes, The study material for MPPSC prelims designed under the expert guidance of our faculties.

    The syllabus of the MPPSC prelims exam includes History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Environment and Ecology, General Science, Computer, Sports and Current Events. These all are covers by this study package

    Kautilya Academy Notes are designed in such a manner that students can rely for their MPPSC Pre Exams. And for Current Affairs students can go for our youtube channel. Also students can study from our youtube channel for any topic.

    Highlight of Kautilya Academy Study Notes:-

    • All the topic covers introduction, facts, figures and analysis.
    • Proper linkage of current affairs and subjects.
    • Summarization of each topic for quick revision.
    • Separate book for General Studies practise question.

    You can watch videos of Kautilya Academy’s faculties on YouTube. As well as you can refer the general books for specific subjects.


    You can buy these notes from Kautilya Academy official website here is the link available:- https://kautilyaacademy.com/postal-study-package/

    You can also get these notes from our Head Office in Indore. Here is the link for address and contact details:- Contact us

    You can make online payment with these medium:-

    • Credit Card or Debit Cards
    • Internet Banking
    • UPI

    Yes, we provide fully sanitized notes material, as per Government guidelines of Covid we take students safety on a priority basis. During covid many things had changed everyone is focusing for their safety so we are taking care of this situation by fully sanitizing the books and material

    So you can order our notes without any worry.

    Yes, these notes are regularly updated as per the latest notification of MPPSC.

    And we keep focusing on any updates regarding the updated syllabus if any updates come then we keep updating our notes.

    You can get these notes only in Hard Copy as you know this is the easiest way to learn also you can go to our youtube channel for any particular topic.

    Maybe in the future we will provide you soft copy as well.

    You can buy these notes from this link:- https://kautilyaacademy.com/postal-study-package/

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