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MPPSC Mains Paper

MPPSC Mains Paper

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, commonly known as MPPSC conducts exam for the recruitment to several posts in government departments and offices of the state of Madhya Pradesh. MP State Service exam is conducted in three stages namely the preliminary exam, main exam and the interview round. Aspirants who cleared the preliminary exam are then allowed to appear for the mains exam. Unlike prelims examination, mains paper is descriptive and analytical too. A Candidate must have a clear understanding of concepts and should know the recent trends as well as the skill of how to link answers with current affairs. Not only a correctly written answer suffices but also the presentation and relevant examples differentiate you with other competitors. Kautilya Academy is the Best Institute to prepare for the MPPSC Examinations in the most effective way. MPPSC examination is one of the hardest competitive administrative level exams of the state government conducted by Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. This exam is conducted for the recruitment of officers in the state govt at several levels in various departments. MPPSC conducts examination for the post of Deputy Collector, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police, Commercial Tax Officer, District Registrar, Chief Municipal Officer (Group B), District Supply Officer, Child Development Project Officer, Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) and so on in multiple departments.

Subject Marks
General Studies-I (3 hours) Part A - History & Culture Part B - Geography, Water Management, Disaster & its Management 300 marks
General Studies-II (3 hours) Part A - Constitution, Governance, Political and Administrative Structure Part B- Economics and sociology 300 marks
General Studies-III (3 hours) Science and Technology, Environment 300 marks
General Studies-Iv (3 Hours) Philosophy, Psychology and Public Administration 200 marks
Paper- V Hindi (3 hours) General Hindi and Grammar 200 marks
Paper- VI Hindi essay (2 hours) 200 marks
Total1400 marks

For detailed Syllabus of MPPSC Mains 2020 go through the link below.

“The way you communicate reveals everything about you. Words are the clothes to your thoughts.”

Kautilya Academy is sharing it's strategic ways to prepare for the MPPSC Mains exam to score a very good marks and be successful in your exam.

● First of all, a candidate should analyze previous year question papers to understand the recent trends.
● Practice answer writing daily for at-least an answer to improve your writing skills and time management.
● Then gradually try to solve complete paper within time limit to avoid problems in final exam.
● Use flow charts, maps and diagrams for better presentation.
● Review toppers answer sheet if available to understand the strategies of answer writing.
● Answer should not exceed the word limit. Write to the point.
● Solve the questions in a given format, don’t shuffle question numbers.
● Leave the space for that answer which you don’t know and want to skip for now.
● Link your answers with current affairs and relevant examples.
● Always avoid biasness in answers. Your answers should be balanced neither positive nor negative wholly.
● Proper focus on Handwriting and presentation as well.

Kautilya Academy notes are best for preparing for the MPPSC MAINS exam, we have our postal study package where you can get books for all the important subjects. Alsp, here we are providing you the list of some paramount books for the mains examination:

1. History – Class 11th and 12th NCERT for world history Class 6th to 12th NCERT for ancient and Medieval history, Bipin Chandra For modern history – "Spectrum- A brief history of modern India" written by Rajiv Ahir

2. Indian Culture – "Art and Culture" by Nitin Singhania is an excellent book for understanding the rich and variant Culture of India.
● History, Culture, Literature and Geography of Madhya Pradesh- Madhya Pradesh ek parichaya (by Tata Mc Graw Hill Publication)
● MP GK by Mukesh Maheshwari
● Various magazines published annually specially by Tathya Baan for quick and easy revision tactics through maps can be used. Map visualization is the most appropriate way to understand the geographical concepts.

3. Geography and Environment –

● Physical Geography by GC Leyong
● Physical Geography by Savindra singh or Mahesh kumar Barnwal suffice.
● Indian Geography- "Geography of India" authored by RC Tiwari Sir.
● For Human geography students should opt for NCERT class 6Th to 12Th specially if you are from non-art background it is must to study NCERT with proper mapping. Mapping makes your concepts and locations clearer which is then easy to remind and time.
● India Year Book latest edition and government reports from respective websites, conventions and international treaties are most important to read.
● Disaster and its management- A candidate might opt for particular sites and notes of preferred coaching.

4. Indian Polity – M. Laxmi Kant is the complete book for polity and constitution which has been a point of satisfaction since years for all the successful aspirants.
For latest amendments, articles and judgements daily newspaper reading is a must. You can prepare personal notes to remain updated.

5. Indian Economy – Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh. Analyze Annual budget by Govt. of India through https://www.indiabudget.gov.in/ or in short through the newspapers and magazines .

6. Science and Technology in India – Along with NCERT physics, chemistry and biology.

7. Reasoning & Data Interpretation- RS Agrawal

8. For current discoveries, inventions and researches you can opt for monthly or yearly magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan.

9. Social Sector – Health, Education & Empowerment- India Year Book latest edition

10. Philosophy, Psychology and Public Administration (Ethics) – Lexicon, Arihant ethics book

11. Essay - Nibandh Manjusha by Mc Graw hills

Kautilya Academy is also providing you the strategies to score good marks in answer writing for MPPSC mains exams:

1. Opt for standard books
You should study the NCERT books, as most of the GS syllabus gets covered from the NCERTs of 6th to 12th standard. After forming a strong base, shift your focus and follow up to the standard books for better understanding of deep concepts. You can do this with the optional subjects as well. Only make sure you study only relevant and standard books.

2. Increase your read count
Reading newspaper and standard books daily, improves your writing skills and make you familiarize with good content. It also reduces the chances of grammatical mistakes and avoid unnecessary facts. The intro and conclusion should be the most attractive part of your answer. Use of related quotes, government data and information related to relevant scenario makes your content much more influential.

3. Outline must be consistent
The outline refers to the basic structure of the points you want to cover in your answers. You should have an introduction, answer body and then a conclusion part, at the last of your answer.

4. Make it simple rather than complex
More the simplicity in your answers more will be the ease in checking for the checkers. If you make it complex then there is a chance of misunderstanding. It can even mislead the checker which can result in the unnecessary reduction of marks.

5. Use of true facts over undesired material
True facts attract the reader and shows the quality and level of your knowledge. Usage of unnecessary material is supposed to mislead the checker. Sometimes your answer may cross the word limit which should not be entertained.

6. Emphasis on flowcharts, diagrams and mapping
Proper use of flowcharts, diagrams and mapping in GS papers makes your answer more attractive, understood and clearly defined. It also saves your time. It will also lessen the probability of grammatical mistakes in your answers. Try to depict only those facts or information about which you are sure enough.

7. Stay tuned with current affairs
The best source of studying current affairs is Reading Newspaper. Not necessarily the Hindu or the Indian Express, which are the most recommended ones specifically. For improving your writing skills you can read any good newspaper which you are able to understand well as it matters the most.

8. In accordance with word limit
Although as a civil service aspirant you must have an extreme knowledge of each and every subject but you cannot articulate all of your thoughts on copy at one time. You need to be wise and precise. Sometimes MPPSC asks very typical questions for which you have to answer in just 30 words or 100 words and it's difficult for you to decide to what to write, what not to. This skill can come after a long practice.

9. Be original, not pretentious
This point is self-explanatory. Each aspirant has individual differences which makes him different from others. Don’t try to reproduce just. Try to express your thoughts and views in simple words. Don’t invent stuff up. Your creativity shows your true skills. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Alber Einstein

10. Avoid over usage of technical terms
Focus your attention on the quality of your words, and not the quantity. While writing answers in the MPPSC mains exam, kindly restrict the use of unnecessarily technical words which are beyond normal usage. Don’t write just to fill up the answer sheets. The examiner must get influenced by your true qualitative knowledge skills.

11. Practice consistently
Consistency develops the speed of writing as well as improves your IQ level. If you write at least an answer daily, you will be updated with the latest current affairs and the present scenario. It also improves your understanding towards the prevalent issues and debating with your colleagues also improves your thinking standard and point of view towards the society to act as an administrator.

12. Error free writing
For writing a standard answer make sure your answer must be error- free viz. grammatical, spelling or factual.

Hope these tips will definitely help you in improving answer writing skills for mains paper.
“All the very best”

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