Shridhant Joshi
Managing Director

Rigorous academic procedures, commitment to quality education, extensive investment, solid management and continuous developments are the principles that have raised the image of this institution “Kautilya Academy”, in a short span of 11 years. Kautilya Academy exchanging the present for the betterment of tomorrow for we are going to be global. We are committed to fostering a healthy learning environment where self-esteem, leadership and responsibility are nurtured, students will be given a better exposure, to see the world for themselves with “their eyes”, rather than “ours”. According to Arnold Toynbee, India has to teach the greatest lesson to the present world. So now we have to turn to the real Indian Power. The spiritual gift that makes a man human is still alive in Indian souls. Go on giving the world, Indian examples of it. So for all Indians, we are here as “Kautilya Academy”, which believes in “OUR GUIDANCE, YOUR HARDWORK SUCCESS FOR ALL”.