Team Kautilya is a blend of Experience, Energy and Expertise. Over the years we have developed a team without parallel to our contemporaries, yet we constantly thrive to be better every day and that is what makes Kautilya special.


Shridhant Joshi

(M.A. & M.Phil)
Managing Director
Having 16 years’ experience in the field of mentoring, founder of Kautilya Academy and creator of thousands of administrative officers. A True master in his domain.

Ashendra Mishra

(B.Sc & L.L.M)
A True mentor, he is not just a teacher but like a father, mentor to Kautilya Academy. He has the ability to make the toughest subject look like a piece of cake.

Manmohan Joshi

(, LLB & MBA)
Having experience of more than 10 years and unmatchable practical knowledge, he is a true mentor. Vast knowledge and motivational words are the hallmark of his personality.

Sunil Tiwari

(B.Com & M.B.A)
If you think Management is a tough task, learn it from. He makes it look like a cakewalk. Kautilya owes its management to him.