From where to take and prepare MPPSC Notes?

From where to take and prepare MPPSC Notes?

   Kautilya Academy    05-12-2020

MPPSC or Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, the state civil service examination seems to be the toughest examination of the State. Many of the student dream be become an administrative officer but when it came to prepare, some of them lost their hope. There are many such things which are fearful in the minds of aspirants. Like, MPPSC is the toughest examination, either we will be qualified or not? From where do we get the perfect study material, how we have to prepare the notes? Etc. etc. But this is not really meant if your dedication and goal is ultimate.

Here we will try to resolve the issue of Why we need MPPSC notes and from Where we get them?

Need of MPPSC notes

Before the beginning of MPPSC preparation, you should have the proper analyzation of updated MPPSC syllabus and the running trend of exam papers. MPPSC notes plays an important role in the preparation either prepared from any coaching classes or by yourself. Although standard books are the best source of accurate knowledge but in order to prepare as per the MPPSC updated syllabus and specially during the time of revision, one must prefer notes which are perfectly designed for MPPSC. Here you must ask that which kind of MPPSC notes should be preferred coaching classes or self-prepared?

Coaching classes notes

The notes provided by coaching classes are explicitly designed by the expert faculty members which provide us proper guidance. Before preparing the self-notes for MPPSC Prelims or mains, one should review the notes of some good coaching institution. Whether the notes are ideal for you or not? How will you decide? Here, I am giving you some tips to analyze the reliability of content:

  ¬  Upgraded to the latest syllabus

  ¬  Comprehensive rather than superlative

  ¬  Conceptual clarity

  ¬  Factual information

  ¬  Easy and well understood

  ¬  Must include latest updates

Kautilya Academy is the best institution for civil services in Madhya Pradesh. We are serving with our best efforts to all the candidates in fulfilling their dreams. The MPPSC notes prepared by the experienced faculties and expertise are proved to be a milestone in the journey of success of thousands of candidates.

MPPSC notes plays a vital role in the preparation. We provide offline notes as well as online content for all the students of MPPSC, UPSC, SSC and many other competitive examinations. The bunch for MPPSC notes is available, candidates can see the details and enroll on the website for all the study material and other information regarding MPPSC notes, batches etc.

Self-Prepared notes

Before the beginning of MPPSC preparation, you should have the proper analyzation of updated syllabus and the running trend of exam papers. self-prepared notes are the best option for complete understanding as you can understand much better the content written by you rather than anyone else. But it only works if you have experienced proper guidance from an expert team or Coaching institute. If you are preparing without coaching and need some tips for self-preparation.

Here are some tips and ideas for preparing self-notes for MPPSC exams:

¬  Analyze complete syllabus

¬  Emphasis on each topic discretely

¬  Essence of multiple sources

¬  Simple and abstract information

¬  Don’t be superlative in modification

¬  Include examples in your notes

¬  Use of Flow charts, Maps, Diagrams and Symbols

¬  Stay updated with current affairs and events

¬  Use loose paper sheets so that it becomes easy to add/update the content.

We hope this blog will help you to answer the question, MPPSC Notes; Why and Where?

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