How to clear the MPPSC in my first attempt?

How to clear the MPPSC in my first attempt?

   Kautilya Academy    26-05-2021

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, MPPSC is a state government-led agency of Madhya Pradesh state for conducting civil services examinations and competitive examinations. Yearly, the Madhya Pradesh PSC hires hundreds of aspirants for the state services through various open recruitment tests. On each of these recruitment tests, the commission receives thousands of applications against each vacant position making its fierce competition. Here we are discussing some of the tips & strategies to crack the MPPSC exam in its very first attempt.

Tips & Strategy To Crack MPPSC Exam in First Attempt:-


Every year Madya Pradesh PSC advertises thousands of job vacancies, across various positions. Against each of these positions, the commission received the applications in lakhs, making the recruitment screening a nightmare for many aspirants. To pass with flying colours in this hectic situation, to crack the exam on the First Attempt, you need to study smart, rather than immerse yourself in the books forever.

It’s always better to start long before the notifications, to start your MPPSC exam preparations. Before starting the preparations try to download the syllabus and previous year question papers and familiarize yourself with the exam pattern. This would help you to learn what to avoid while learning. To score and to top the State Service rank list, you need to have a proven successful MPPSC Strategy. 

Some important things to remember for Pre Exam:-


  • Self Study is the only way to succeed in the exam, coaching institutes may help you but don’t depend on coaching completely.

  • Read the Syllabus, Understand it, Categorize it & Start. The syllabus is the key to cracking the exam.

  • Choose Standard books to cover the basics and reliable sources for Important topics & Current Affairs. 

  • For Basic concepts prefer the NCERT books.

  • This is important as having a single source of a subject during the whole preparation avoids confusion and reinforces memory. You can refer to multiple sources if you have any doubt in any particular topic otherwise no need for it.

  • Make a schedule and follow it Strictly. “There is no alternative to consistency.”

  • Do not ignore any subject, MPPSC requires you to be strong in all subjects.

  • Attempt Mock Tests, Quizzes, and Previous year question papers to give your preparation a reality check.

  • Start writing answers. This practice will definitely help you.

  • Make your own notes for revision, it will really help you at the last moment.

  • Lastly, and very important, increase your study time gradually and go up to a 7-8 hours per day schedule.


Mains Preparation things to do:-


  • GS 1 mainly contains Geography and History. These portions are static, lengthy and factual in nature. Read all the topics mentioned in the syllabus once this month and then revise it next month. Practice Writing.

  • GS 2 mainly covers polity and social issues. Polity has mostly static content for which your prelims preparation will help you. For social issues, you can cover by reading the schemes of the Central and State government concerning the Education, Health, Welfare sector etc. along with other topics mentioned in the syllabus. Practise Writing.

  • The first half of MPPSC GS paper 3 covers the Indian Economy, whereas the other half has these important topics: Science & Technology, Reasoning, and DI, Environment, Energy etc.

    • For the Environment section, you can refer to NCERT Books, you can also read these topics from the internet.

    • For Science & Technology, the best strategy is to read out the particular topic from Science NCERT class 7-10.

    • For Reasoning, practice the type of questions asked in previous year papers.

    • For economy read Kautilya Academy Book and Video lectures.

  • GS paper 4 is all about ethics and case studies. Students need to have a clear perspective and positive mindset to attempt this paper. Some of the topics you can read from any book like Ethics by Lexicon Publication or by Arihant.

  • Paper-5 checks your proficiency in the Hindi language. Study Hindi Grammar from any standard book or Kautilya Academy Notes and practice letter, report writing etc to secure good marks and take an edge over other students.

  • This paper-6 has the least weightage but it doesn’t mean it is less important. For essay preparation, read the newspaper daily to have good content with you and practice one or two essays every Sunday to get proficiency in writing the essay.




The interview is the third and the most important stage of the MPPSC examination. In this, interviewers evaluate the candidate's potential for civil services and examine their personality to assess the candidate's personal suitability for public services. There is no book or syllabus for interviews. Here you can get high marks with less hard work. Start Interview preparation for MPPSC after the mains exam don't wait for the result. Attend a seminar organized by Kautilya Academy, it will help you.


As I said before, start your preparation only after having the syllabus and previous year question papers with you. Solving the previous year’s question papers will easily help you analyse the exam paper trend. It will also help aspirants examine which areas in the syllabus are important, and these will help you examine the difficulty level and the nature of questions. Along with making a tailored timetable that suits your routine and tries to stick with that.


As you start learning, try to attempt mock tests too. Try to attempt as many mock tests along with your learning schedule. While learning and attempting the mock tests, try to keep the notes suitable for the final revision. Do not skip the time of the final revision, and try to avoid learning new topics at the last moment.


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