How should I start preparing for the MPPSC 2021?

How should I start preparing for the MPPSC 2021?

   Kautilya Academy    20-05-2021

MPPSC Prelims Strategy is crucial as prelims are the most important phase of the MPPSC Exam. We have developed a Strategy for the MPPSC Prelims Exam.

    • There have been many changes in the MPPSC pattern for the last 3 Years, its syllabus has been changed a lot. There is no optional in the syllabus. Whereas It is an ocean of general studies and covers many subjects.

    • Hard work with smart tactics and disciplined strategy is essential to crack this exam.

    • It is high time to start the preparation as pre-examination is scheduled for 2021. A total of 6 months of preparation with dedication is sufficient to crack this exam with the tested MPPSC prelims strategy.

    • Due to the huge syllabus, the study should be wider and less in-depth. Well-designed material at MPPSC may be very useful to cover the whole syllabus in less time.

    So, the Big Question of MPPSC Strategy is from where to start:-

    • The first thing that has to be done is to mug the complete syllabus.

    • Syllabus or Visit individual Subjects of MPPSC provided by Kautilya Academy.

    • Go through the NCERT from 6th to 12 of all the subjects. 

    • After a sound foundation is prepared the next stage is to refer to some important books of good authors, either go for our Study Package or Classroom Program of Kautilya Academy for particular subjects.

    • Current affairs are playing a major role in UPSC as well as in all state PSCs, so a daily newspaper and one monthly magazine by Kautilya Academy is a must for current affairs.

    • Regular Tests (Mock Test) are the best way to practice the paper in a limited time and to analyze the mistakes. Always remember by giving tests, the brain thinks passively with all horizons while by only studying, the brain works actively without pressuring itself. So More pain gives more gain. It is better to join more than one test series. (well-prepared test series of MPPSC By Kautilya Academy may be very helpful for practice)

    • This exam is all about patience and discipline. Regular study with revision is the only key to crack MPPSC.

    • Make your own timetable and strictly follow it every day, weekly revision on Sundays and monthly revision on 30th will be concrete preparation.

    • Devote your time (about 1 hr) daily on current affairs and writing practice at least 30 minutes for each.

    • Place the maps of the world, India and Madhya Pradesh on the wall. Use flashcards and a small diary for quick revision.

    • Don’t overload yourself with stacks of books, rather try a good quality of notes designed by Kautilya Academy to complete the syllabus.

    • Don't panic yourself, everything can be done with passion and confidence. Just use your potential and give your 100 per cent.


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