Which book is best for the MPPSC Mains Exam?

Which book is best for the MPPSC Mains Exam?

   Kautilya Academy    19-05-2021

Here is the Booklist for MPPSC Mains as well as the same subject Pre Exam. You can check the Booklist for MPPSC Mains. If you have any query regarding MPPSC 2020-21 booklist, scheme or syllabus, you can always contact Kautilya Academy.



  • NEW NCERT – 6,7,8,12 [Hindi or English] 


  • Old NCERT – If available.


  • Ancient India by RS Sharma 

  • Medieval India by Satish Chandra 

  • Modern India by Bipin Chandra or Spectrum For Modern India [Hindi or English] 


  • Lucent General Knowledge [Hindi or English] 

  • Culture

    • NCERT 11th Class 

    • Nitin Singhania [Hindi Or English] 





  • NCERT – 6,7,8,9,10 & 11,12 [Hindi or English] Note – 11th and 12th are most Important.

  • Internet 

  • Atlas 




  • NCERT-11th Class 

  • Laxmikanth [Hindi Or English] 

  • Governance in India by Laxmikanth [Hindi Or English] 

  • Political Thinkers

    • OP Gauba [Hindi Or English] or N Jayapalan 


  • Public Administration – Laxmikanth [Hindi or English] 

Note – Read Only Selected Chapters 


  • India After Independence – 

    • Bipin Chandra

    • Yellow Books Vajiram & Ravi Institute (Available on Telegram Channel) 

  • Lucent General Knowledge [Hindi or English] 

  • Internet 




  • NCERT – 11th and 12th [Hindi or English] 

  • Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh [Hindi or English] 

  • Economic Survey & Budget – Union and Madhya Pradesh 

  • Wikipedia




  • NCERT -11th (Understanding Society), 12th (Indian Society, Social Change And Development In India) 

  • Social Problems In India – Ram Ahuja 

  • Current Affairs / Newspaper 


Science & Technology:- 


  • NCERT – 6,7 And 8,9,10 

  • Computer- Internet or Lucent Computer Book [Hindi or English] 

  • Maths – RS Agrawal, NCERT 9th &10th 

  • Health – Internet, Newspaper, Magazines 

  • Space Technology, Biotechnology, Scientists – 

    • Internet 

    • TMH [Hindi or English] or Drishti 


Energy & Environment:- 


  • Shankar IAS [English] 

  • Majid Hussain [Hindi] 

  • NCERT 12th Biology 


Note – Read only the Last 4 Chapters of NCERT


  •  Geology – Geography NCERT Book 11th 




  • Terminology – Lexicon [Hindi or English] 

  • Philosophers – 

    • Subbarao [Hindi or English] or Karthikeyan or Arihant 


  • Case Studies – R. Rajagopalan 

  • Another Good Book – Decode Ethics by Mudit Jain (For English Medium)

  • Agrahari or Abhay Kumar (For Hindi Medium) 


Madhya Pradesh GK:-


  • In English – 

    • TMH or Mahavir or Mukesh Maheshwari


  • In Hindi – 

    • UpkarTMH or Mahesh Barnwal or Mukesh Maheshwari or Nirman IAS 


  • Another Reference Book – Lucent MP GK 

  • MP Govt Websites 




  • Chancal Jain / Lucent Hindi 




  • Nibandh Manjusha 

  • Magazines 


Monthly Magazines:-  


  • Vision IAS Monthly Magazine 

  • Ghatna Chakra – Madhya Pradesh 

  • Pratiyogita Darpan


Other Useful Books:-


  • MPPSC Prelims Previous Year Paper [Hindi or English] 

  • Unsolved MPPSC Mains Previous Year Papers 

  • Solved MPPSC Mains Papers

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