Is Lucent important for the Madhya Pradesh PSC exam?

Is Lucent important for the Madhya Pradesh PSC exam?

   Kautilya Academy    22-05-2021

The MPPSC exam is the most prestigious in Madhya Pradesh, and in this exam, GK is the subject that is more important than the other subject. So, first of all, you need to study all the subjects from basics. For this, there are many books you can read, especially NCERT. After all of this for pointwise important topics of GK, you need a book and yes there is a book Lucent that covers important GK topics inside it.

Most of the questions every year are asked directly from the Lucent GK book. You can also purchase lucent objectives to make ur preparation in MCQs format. All you need to study line by line to get success. It was also helpful for mains, you can prepare 3 markers from that & have some idea to give answers to all questions. It was a very useful and handy book.

Lucent is considered very important for MPPSC exams. According to the previous year question papers, it is found that most of the questions are asked directly from the Lucent GK book. You should first clear concepts from the subjective gk book of Lucent and after clearing that book you must start doing objectives. In this way, your preparation will be revised too. Subjective Lucent gk book will also help you in your mppsc mains preparation. It has clear and comprehensive topics. So, Yes, it's a must-read book for mppsc.


It is a good book for GK and you can read it for MPPSC but only once or you can use it for revision only but if you want to prepare for prelims or Mains you have to go with detailed books cause questions asked in the pre and Mains examination are quite in-depth so you have to read detailed books.

So the book is good. You can use this for your revision, point-wise important topics are covered in the book.


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