Is it necessary to take coaching for MPPSC?

Is it necessary to take coaching for MPPSC?

   Kautilya Academy    24-05-2021

This is a perennial question students asked the most. And it’s understandable too. Many aspirants who begin their Civils preparation are clueless about this exam’s demands and most cannot simply afford to go to any city and take coaching.

There are a lot of doubts and misconceptions regarding whether to take coaching for Civils Services.




Think of an elite sportsmanlike Virat Kohli. Does he have a personal coach? Yes, he does. But would you say his career success is purely down to his coach? Of course not. Kohli trains and suffers day in day out, practices consistently to learn and improve his game. His self-discipline, hard work and burning determination to excel at the game is what makes him the elite player he is.


Let’s Discuss:-


The same goes for success in the civil services exam. Coaching merely helps you, it does not ensure you a rank. Your self-study, consistency and the hard work you put in sitting at your study table matters far more than what you do in coaching classes.

So if you are attending coaching classes, do take their notes, but you should not rely excessively on them and neglect standard books.


Always remember that roughly, not more than 25-30% of your preparation should depend on coaching classes. To say that without coaching you cannot crack MPPSC is to tell a lie. Some people put in even that 25% of work by themselves and have cracked this exam (that is, they might have read coaching notes, but did not attend any classes.) So it depends on your personal belief, self-discipline and your basic level of knowledge to determine whether you need coaching.


Suppose you know what standard books to study, what coaching notes to refer to, and by reading them you can understand the subject, that’s brilliant and you don’t need coaching.

On the other hand, if you are absolutely clueless about the exam process or the books you need to study, coaching institutes will definitely help you get a broad idea. But as I said, you still have to read standard books, make required notes and put in the work to outshine your competition.


Who require coaching:-


Coaching is required for those who are unknown from the strategy, syllabus, book, where to start. Some students can crack the MPPSC Exam without any coaching. So Coaching is necessary or not it totally depends on the student's requirement. Nowadays there are many sources available who give information about the strategy, tips, syllabus etc.


The self-study may help some and may not to others but it takes a lot of time and energy which leads to aspirants lose the attempt and hence, their age increases too.


Some students were looking up at the Youtube channels of different classes but the one which opened students' minds towards how important a perfect schedule and distinguished guidance is.




I am not saying that coaching is nothing,  it was about taking or not taking coaching, but what I do emphasise is how much time you are giving in self-study.


Self-Study and Mock Tests are the only ways to succeed that I have found so far. So I would suggest you first read the basic books, use reliable resources to understand the basics of the syllabus. There are many online resources available where students can find quality content without any payment.


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