Best Way to Start MPPSC Mains Preparation After Prelims 2023: An Effective Guide

Best Way to Start MPPSC Mains Preparation After Prelims 2023: An Effective Guide

   Kautilya Academy    21-12-2023

How to prepare for MPPSC Mains in Effective Manner

Congratulations to those who are expecting qualifying marks for the MPPSC Prelims 2023. Success in MPPSC Prelims is a commendable achievement that marks the beginning of your Mains preparation journey! To transition smoothly to the Mains phase, here's a comprehensive strategy to ace the MPPSC Mains Examination.


1. Comprehensive Understanding of the Mains Syllabus:

Subject Breakdown: Divide the Mains syllabus into subjects and sub-topics. For instance, in General Studies, focus on History, Geography, Economics, etc.


Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to identify your strengths and areas requiring more attention. For instance, if History is your strength, prioritize in-depth study here.


2. Strategic Subject Prioritization:

Subject Weightage Analysis: Analyze previous year's question papers to understand the weightage of various subjects. For example, Polity might carry higher marks, necessitating a focused approach.


Kautilya Academy's Subject-Wise Guidance: Enroll in Kautilya Academy’s subject-wise guidance sessions, enabling focused learning in subjects as per their importance in the Mains.


3. Developing Proficient Answer Writing Skills:

Regular Writing Practice: Begin by practicing answer writing using previous year's papers or sample questions from Kautilya Academy's test series.


Time-Bound Writing Sessions: Gradually move to time-bound answer writing. Set a timer, ensuring you complete your answers within the stipulated time frame.


4. Effective Revision Strategies:

Thorough Subject Revision: Regularly revise subjects and topics. For instance, refer to Kautilya Academy’s concise notes or mind maps for quick revision.


Customized Note-making: Develop your own notes while studying. Utilize Kautilya Academy’s study materials to create concise notes and ensure effective revision.


5. Leveraging Mock Tests and Feedback:

Mock Test Simulation: Take full-length mock tests to simulate the real exam environment. Kautilya Academy's test series offers comprehensive mock tests in online and offline mediums to assess your preparation level.


Analyzing Test Performance: After attempting tests, analyze your performance and seek feedback from Kautilya Academy's experts for improvement.


6. Enhancing Presentation and Answer Structure:

Structured Answers: Structure your answers coherently with a clear introduction, a well-explained body, and a concise conclusion.


Visual Aid Integration: Utilize visual aids like diagrams, bullet points, or flowcharts, as suggested by Kautilya Academy, to supplement your answers.


7. Maintaining Holistic Well-being:

Health Management: Prioritize a balanced lifestyle with nutritious meals, ample sleep, and regular exercise to maintain overall well-being.


Recreation and Relaxation: Take short breaks between study sessions and indulge in recreational activities to alleviate stress.


Improve Answer Writing applying these strategies

Answer writing for the Civil Services Mains Exam requires a strategic approach. Here's a detailed guide on how to improve answer writing:


Understanding the Question:

Analyzing the Question: Carefully read and understand the question. Identify keywords that guide the direction of the answer.


Structuring the Answer:



Start with a concise introduction, presenting a brief overview or 

definition related to the topic.


Main Body:


Framework Formation: Develop a structured framework or outline to organize thoughts logically.


Use of Headings and Subheadings: For lengthier answers, consider using headings to delineate different sections.


Clarity and Conciseness: Write in a clear, concise manner, avoiding ambiguous language.


Factual Content: Support your arguments with facts, examples, case studies, and data.


Balance: Maintain a balanced view, covering multiple aspects of the topic.


Use of Diagrams/Charts (if applicable): Wherever possible, use diagrams or charts to present data effectively.


Techniques to Enhance Answer Writing:

Time Management: Allocate time effectively for each question and stick to it to cover the entire paper.


Practice Mock Tests: Regularly practice answering previous years' papers or take mock tests to enhance speed and accuracy.


Feedback and Improvement: Seek feedback on your answers from mentors or peers to identify areas for improvement.


Revision and Consolidation: Regularly revise topics and consolidate learning to retain information effectively.


Additional Tips:


Clarity Over Length: Emphasize clarity and coherence in your answers rather than focusing solely on length.


Language Skills: Develop a good command of language with proper grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.


Time-Bound Practice: Practice writing answers within a time frame to simulate exam conditions.



Remember, success in MPPSC Mains demands consistent effort and strategic planning. Utilize Kautilya Academy’s expertise, guidance, and resources to navigate through the Mains preparation efficiently.


By incorporating these strategies, aspirants can significantly enhance their answer writing skills for the Civil Services Mains Exam. Regular practice, Revision, and continuous improvement are key to mastering this crucial aspect of the examination.


This phase is about persistent effort and smart execution. Best of luck for your MPPSC Mains preparation! Let Kautilya Academy be your guiding force in this journey towards success.

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